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Wanton Fu, Arc 380


This is one place that caught me by pleasant surprise. For its location, I did not expect the wonton mee here to be outstanding. So good that it deserves an entry on its own!

You’ll quickly notice upon entering that they have a bottle of chilli on every table. I like to refer to the chilli as legendary because a few drops is all it takes to make you scream for iced water. Seriously, you won’t think much of it because it doesn’t change the colour of your noodles when mixed. Heck it doesn’t even look like you added chilli to your noodles. But, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Signature Wanton Fu Noodle Dry (Small, $4.80).

While the noodles looks really plain and the char siu looks like it has seen better days, I can guarantee you this bowl is everything but that. The noodles are uniformly cooked to a QQ consistency while the char siu is soft and tender. Best of all, the seasoning is perfect.

Oh, and they have free flow lard on the side. You’re welcome!

I have since visited Wanton Fu a couple of more times and I can vouch for their consistency. Suspect they time their cooking of the noodles because the QQ-ness is the same every single time.

Fried Wonton (Small, $3.50).

I wouldn’t say this was out of the world for me but hey, how can you not have crunchy wantons when you’re eating wanton mee, right?

380 Jalan Besar, #01-09, Singapore 209000

Daily: 11am to 10pm

+65 6935 3072

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