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Aura Wedding Lunch, National Gallery Singapore


Newly weds to be, if you’re considering Aura at National Gallery as one of your choices to host your wedding lunch, this review is definitely timely in helping you make that choice!

I had the honor to be part of a 60 person wedding lunch recently and I must say I really, really enjoyed the experience.

The below write-up is a review of their Deluxe 4 course sit down lunch ($1088++ for 10 pax).

Artisanal Burrata Cheese with Green Asparagus and Truffle.

Nevermind that everything visible on this plate tasted great. Hiding underneath the slices of asparagus was a generous lump of truffle!

Strozzaprati Pasta with Crab, Prosecco and Salmon Caviar.

At first glance I thought this dish was going to be bland. Boy I was so wrong. The sweetness of the prosecco permeated throughout the whole dish yet not overwhelming on the taste buds. From the first mouth to the last, it was delightful. The strozzaprati would have done great on its own, but the crab and salmon caviar were the finishing touches — cherry on top of the cake.

Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras, Porcini Mushrooms, Potato Mousseline and Marsala Jus.

I really wasn’t expecting such a huge chunk of foie gras. Oh the melty goodness alongside slices of perfectly seared tenderloin. For a big event like this, getting the consistency of the beef is a very hard thing to do. So glad that this dish turned out excellent.

Aura Classic Tiramisu with Coffee Cream and Chocolate Crumble.

I can understand why the groom gave special mention to the tiramisu. It was rich, velvety and well balanced. I’m particularly sensitive to coffee because I’m no coffee drinker but Aura’s tiramisu had a nice coffee touch to it.

Aura’s wedding lunch is really worth the price, service and experience. I didn’t take a picture, but my lunch view was the Singapore skyline with Marina Bay Sands in the background. Now imagine that.

1 St. Andrew’s Road, #06-02 National Gallery Singapore, S(178957)

+65 6866 1977

Website here

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