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Lunar Rabbit Boulangerie, Hamilton Road


The battle for good croissants in Singapore continues with new bakeries popping up every now and then. Lunar Rabbit Boulangerie which has found a spot along Hamilton Road, is definitely a serious contender.

Limited seating area but I was lucky to get seats during my visits.
Original Croissant, $3.80

This is what I’d call classic done right. The original croissants from Lunar Rabbit are one of the best I’ve tried, and I find myself having this as a recurrent order even when I’m there to try out the other bakes. The butter aroma of the pastries was fragrant and prescient of what’s to come! The honeycomb structure of the croissant and Pain au Chocolat were beautifully constructed, giving the pastries a really light yet subtly chewy texture.

Pain Au Chocolat, $4
Gorgeous cross section
Viennoiserie a la Tartiflette, $6.50

A wonderful combination of comfort — garlic, potato, portobello mushrooms and cheese. I wish the toppings could be more though.

Hotdog Croissant, $5.20

The Hotdog Croissant doesn’t look and sound like much but the caramelised onions and three cheese made it a joy to eat! The sweet onions balanced really well against the cheese and even the hotdog, which were both not too salty to begin with.

Ham and Cheese, $5.50

Absolutely loved their Ham & Cheese which was quite unexpected cos it sounded and looked so simple! The gooey gruyere mornay sauce really elevated the dish and edged it to a satisfying one. There’s a bit of oomph and ooze as you bite into the croissant which makes it an easy choice croissant for breakfast!

Le Mango Passionfruit Cube, $6.50
gorgeous sunny colour. look at that ooze at the bottom!

The Mango Passionfruit Cube is as whimsical as how you’d expect it to be given its bright cheery look — a mixture of sweet, tangy, sour against a crusty, flaky pastry. Bonus points because it looks too pretty to be eaten!

La Brioche Macaronade, $6.80

The La Brioche Macaronade was equally impressive. The soft pillowy brioche houses a blend of vanilla custard and caramel, giving that good, indulgent balance.

Fleur De Frambroise, $8.20

Finally, the Fleur De Framboise is an explosion of raspberry! Packed with raspberry jam, confit and sweet raspberry flower, this is one for the raspberry lovers out there.

16 Hamilton Road


Singapore 209186

Do check out Lunar Rabbit’s Instagram for more details.

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