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Wonton, Seng’s Noodle Bar, Amoy Street


Noodles for the people! Wonton, Seng’s Noodle Bar specialises in wonton noodles and has dedicated a whole premise for it. In Singapore where delicious wonton noodles are ubiquitous, does their bold slogan still hold?

From a distance I saw someone leaving with about 10 bowls of tabao-ed wonton noodles.  I understood why when I finally entered the premise. 

Super, super, super limited seating. Wonton, Seng’s Noodle Bar uses mirrors to amplify the space, but it hardly helps. The tables are small and closely packed next to each other, while the counter seats are skin to skin. They offer a $1 discount on all takeaway bowls. Good move.

Self service soup. On every table there is a flask of soup which you will pour for yourself with the bowls provided. Well played, Seng’s Noodle Bar. One less thing to do for the kitchen. I’m not complaining though, because their soup is very fragrant! They definitely spent some effort concocting this soup. With this flask, you can help yourself to unlimited servings of the soup, which you will do so for sure.

Char Siew Noodle Bowl, $7.

The texture of the egg noodles is similar to Sarawak Jia Xiang Kolo Mee. It’s springy, supple and well cooked. I poked around my friends’ bowls and they were all the same consistency. My only complaint for the noodles is that it’s not served piping hot. Could be the manner the noodles are cooked to ensure this consistency though. 

The wonton bowl comes with torched char siew pork belly which was a tad disappointing for me. While it’s well flavoured, I would have preferred the pork belly to be softer. The boiled wontons were normal. 

Not surprising, Wonton, Seng’s Noodle Bar has their own homemade chilli. I usually pair my food with chilli, but for this, I felt that the noodles were already flavourful enough. No need for additional condiments. 

Overall, what will make me go back to Wonton, Seng’s Noodle Bar is their soup, as well as the other dishes on their menu. For example, they have Crispy Duck Noodles and Homemade XO Sauce Fried Dumplings. I do think the limited and squeeze seating can be a bummer though. While I was luckily to be able to get a seat during lunch on my first try, I felt that my meal was very rushed and I had no personal space to maneuver my food.

52 Amoy Street, S(069878)

+65 6221 1336

Closed Sundays

Lunch Mondays to Fridays: 1130am to 230pm

Dinner Mondays to Thursdays and Saturdays: 6pm to 10pm, Fridays: 6pm – 11pm

Website here

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