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Chock Full of Beans, Changi Village

Changi Village. Unanimously known for great seafood, great zi char, great hawker food and the gateway to the likes of Pulau Ubin and Kelongs.


How about the idea of a cafe in Changi Village then? Unlike the little cafes that have begun sprouting in the quaint district of Tiong Bahru (there’s so many of them I have problems keeping track and even locating simply because it’s just allies and allies of cafes), this little cafe, Chock Full of Beans, actually planted itself quietly in one corner of the HDB apartments. So inconspicuous that the shop right next to it sells my favourite neighbourhood mattresses.

This place is more well known for their speciality coffees but too bad I’m no coffee drinker. Ah I’m missing out.

Roasted beef sandwich ($13).

I super liked the bread. It’s soft!!! Ever since I ate really stiff bread from Flock, so stiff and hard that the knife provided wasn’t good enough to make a clean cut, I have this little doubt whenever I am served bread at such brunch places. This sandwich was pretty decent. The ingredients that made up the dish came together nicely and flavourfully. I finished my sandwich in no time!

New York breakfast ($18).

I particularly liked this for the caramelised onions scramble egg. Umph so good!!! I want more!!!!

Strawberry lemon ($7).

It tasted more strawberry than lemon, so it really wasn’t quite what I expected. Have you tried McDonald’s Strawberry McFizz? This is a less sweeter version, almost to the point that it tasted diluted rather than refreshing. The plus point is that it comes with fresh strawberries!

Noticed I had moved the drink a couple of times? I sat outside where the tables were the wooden type with long gaps in between. As soon as they served me my drink the water started seeping through, dripping on my legs. I could have asked for a coaster, but moving it away solved my problem, so I did just that.

Chock Full of Beans is worth a go, if you happen to be at the very east of Singapore. What was I doing there? I wanted to see aeroplanes hover over my head as they prepare to land in Singapore! Oh they do serve alcohol, so I guess it’s a good place to chill with friends (and mozzies) at night!

Where: 4 Changi Village Road (HDB) #01-2090
Hours: Closed on Monday
Tuesday-Friday 11am-10pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am-10pm
Website here.

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