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On Dol Korean BBQ, Tanjong Pagar Road


With the plethora of Korean BBQ joints in Singapore, finding a good Korean BBQ place that would make me return a second time has been somewhat a challenge in recent years. Glad to have tried On Dol, a relatively new Korean BBQ restaurant along Tanjong Pagar Road.

For starters, the tray of vegetable wraps immediately caught my eye as I was brought to my table. It came in a variety of colours and species, each giving a different flavour — some pungent in flavour (similar to the kick you get after eating too much wasabi), some with texture harder than others, and some more cleansing on the palate.

Equally impressive serving of banchan

If you’re a first timer to On Dol like me and not sure what to go for, I highly recommend the On Dol Set (starting from $75 for 2 pax – $134 for 4 pax. Note that you can get a 4 pax set and purchase ala carte even if you are a 6 pax group). The set comes with:

  • Your choice of pork (pork belly, pork jowl, shoulder butt)
  • Your choice of stew (pork and kimchi, seafood soybean paste, seafood and soft bean)
  • Steamed egg
  • Hot stone pot rice or fried rice
  • Acorn jelly soup
Mix of pork – jowl, belly and shoulder butt
Steamed egg
Chilled acorn jelly soup

The meats don’t just come as they are. A plate of accompaniment including mushrooms, corn, prawns, sausage, eggplant are also included as well, giving you the feast your eyes will thank you later for. Watch in comfort as the staff skilfully cooks your meat on the hot stone. Kimchi and seasoned bean sprouts are also cooked on the same hot stone, which you can add into your vegetable wrap later.

Besides the pork set, I also ordered ala carte beef sirloin ($38) and spicy chicken ($25) during my visit. Happy to report that the quality and quantity of meats at On Dol satisfied my party of six for that day!

Beef sirloin, $38
Spicy chicken, $25

I HIGHLY recommend going for the hot stone pot rice because it’s not your ordinary stone rice! It comes with toppings which makes it truly unique and not to mention delicious. Fun fact: look out for these hot stone pot rice along the shelves as you enter the premise!

Hot stone pot rice

Overall I really like On Dol and would love to head back there again in the near future. The dishes are one notch above the usual korean BBQ joints and the whole experience felt pretty authentic. The place is pretty small so do head there early to secure your seats especially if you’re heading there in a bigger group!

95 Tanjong Pagar Road

Mondays to Fridays: 1130am to 230pm, 530pm to 1030pm

Saturdays and Sundays: 1130am to 1030pm

Visit On Dol’s Facebook page for more details!.

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