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Enjoy Eating House and Bar, Jalan Besar


Jalan Besar is full of surprises and adding on to the list of hidden gems is Enjoy Eating House and Bar. Located inside Kam Leng Hotel, this place is known only to those who seek it (in millennial speech, “iykyk”), and like the mural below, the general vibe of the food here is old school with a hint of playfulness.

Quirky mural. Spot the spring rolls in the hair!
Prawn Keropok, $5

Ah, how could I resist homemade belachan with keropok? To my delight, the keropok was freshly fried (it was still a bit hot when it reached my table!) and I could tell that much care was taken to fully drain the oil from it. The belachan was not too bad, but I wished it was slightly spicier and more fragrant.

Chef Joel XO Fish Soup, $12

$12 might look quite pricy for a single portion of fish soup, but once you’ve taken a mouthful, you’ll immediately understand where all the dollars are going into. Firstly, the XO hits you strong. It’s not those type of XO fish soup where the XO is only in the first three slurps — in Chef Joel’s XO fish soup, it’s prevalent in every scoop! Next, the amount of fish slices is simply overwhelming, so much that I can imagine myself just having this and a bowl of rice. If you’re planning to have other dishes alongside this, my advice is to share this bowl with 2 or more pax.

Hainanese Chicken Satay, $10

The Hainanese Chicken Satay was tender. So thankful that the consistency of their satay sauce was just right, with pineapple purée no doubt! I am always fearful of having satay at non specialised hawker stores, but the satay at Enjoy Eating House and Bar is pretty decent! Only gripe is that you have to scoop the satay sauce onto the satay instead of eating it the authentic way — by dipping the stick into the sauce — as the saucer is rather shallow.

Har Jeong Kai Wings, $14

Give this a miss. The har jeong kai here is not the best or second best. Fill your tummy space with something else.

Ugly Cabbage in Fish Sauce, $13

This was easily my top 3 favourites of the entire meal! It seems so simple and plain, but the umami was bursting and the sweetness was overflowing. The cabbage was slightly charred at the corners, perfuming the dish with wok hei throughout. This is one dish that will make me come back again for.

Grandma’s Te Kah Bee Hoon, $14

Enjoy Eating House and Bar’s signature dish! The pork trotters and noodles were perfectly braised and well seasoned; doing justice to our grandmas and grandpas. The bee hoon itself is a little wet, so if you prefer the dry version, then this might take some getting used to. That said, once you take your first bite, you’re unlikely to stop!

Salt-Baked Whole Barramundi, $45

If you’re planning to order this dish, be sure to immediately order it first as soon as you are seated because it does take quite a while (about 45 minutes) before it is served. I had finished my entire meal before this was finally served. Nevertheless, I loved this dish! Because of how it was executed, the fish retained its juiciness and tenderness. Some accompanying sauces were provided, but I felt it was not necessary for the fish was delicious on its own.

Crab Meat Omelette, $15

This was another winner as the crab meat within the omelette was generous to the point that it felt like more crab meat than egg mixture. Due to the sheer size of it, I’d recommend this dish for sharing between 3 or more people.

MSW X Coco Ice Cream, $9
Teochew Orh Ni, $5
Chendol Panna Cotta, $8

You can skip the desserts entirely. They were not mind blowing unlike their other dishes, and for some, the portion was a little too small for the price.

Enjoy Eating House and Bar offers a 10% cash back valid for your subsequent visit, which I think is a pretty good deal! Yes, prices are a little higher than the average zi char, but they make up for it by offering dishes that the average zi char does not have.

Kam Leng Hotel
383 Jln Besar
Singapore 209001

Daily: 11am to 11pm
+65 9299 1601

Visit Enjoy Eating House and Bar’s Facebook and website.

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