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Blue Label Pizza and Wine, Ann Siang Hill


Keep your eyes peeled for Blue Label Pizza and Wine at Ann Siang Hill, because it’s so inconspicuous that you might just miss it if you’re not watching out for the blue wall.

Literally a hole in the wall. Don’t miss it!

I loved the vibe as soon as I entered — dimly lit, mysterious yet not superficial. Just a tinge of laid back vibes with sexy jazz music in the background.

J-Dog, $39

This was a crowd pleaser! It felt so sinful because it’s so strongly flavoured — saltish pork sausage, spiciness from the pepperoni and jalapeño but yet weirdly at the same time there’s a healthy feeling to it because of the sesame seed peppered crust. Some may find the hint of intense spice a little off putting my I loved it.

Black Magic, $40

The cream based Black Magic was on the sweeter side and will find ultimately themselves a favourite with those who prefer a milder vegetable tasting pizza. It supposedly has truffle but all I could taste was the asparagus to be honest. Not even the parma ham could counter the forthcoming asparagus flavour. Nevertheless, it was a good alternate against the J-Dog when the flavour of the latter got too heavy.

The crust is the soul of every pizza and I rave about the crust at Blue Label Pizza and Wine. They were so good and addictive! Think thin, crispy and a little smoky from the char. Surprisingly, Blue Label Pizza and Wine is not only good in their pizzas, but their fries as well!

Blue Label Fries, $25

Skin on fries are the best! This plate was served with its skin still very crisp while the insides of the fries were really fluffy and light. There’s supposedly black pepper gravy and truffle shavings alongside the aioli but unfortunately they didn’t come out enough for me. If they offered plain fries on their menu, I’d suggest you go for that instead.

28 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069708
Daily: 12noon to 10pm
+65 9821 9362

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