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Tigerlily Patisserie, Joo Chiat Road


Got lucky on a weekday at 2pm and tickled my tastebuds with the Pink Guava & Pear and Pistachio Marimo from Tigerlily Patisserie. After reading about the hype online, I can confirm that you must go before 2pm to get your favourite pieces because they do get sold out (had initially wanted to try the their anniversary cake Lychee Lily but I literally saw the last piece get sold right in front of my eyes).

Pink Guava and Pear, $10

Absolutely stunning visuals with an equally mesmerising interior. This cake is a winner on all fronts and I can see why they’ve made this also available in larger sizes. I was initially expecting this to be quite sharp given the combination of pink guava jelly and pear bits but it was on the contrary very light and refreshing! The gelatinous layer that surrounded the cake spelt nothing but fancy pansy with edibles that served only one purpose — to pique one’s curiosity and urge to quickly cut through the cake and savour the fantasy treat.

Pistachio Marimo, $10

I would go so far as to say that this entremet is the most underrated piece of art Tigerlily Patisserie offers. Between the Pink Guava & Pear and the Pistachio Marimo, the latter ranked higher for me simply because I did not imagine that a single main ingredient, the pistachio, could be done in so many different ways and yet still come together cohesively and beautifully. Pistachio feuilletine, pistachio praline, pistachio sponge, pistachio mousse and pistachio powder. This is definitely one for the hardcore pistachio fan. Would love to have this in a cake form so I can have many, many more bites.

Tigerlily Patisserie really blew my mind with their marvellous creations and it is indeed worth the hype, and worth every cent you pay for.

350 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427598
Closed Mondays
Tuesdays to Sundays: 9am to 5pm
+65 8887 0988

Do check out Tigerlily Patisserie’s Website, Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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