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Carolynmisu – Classic Homemade Tiramisu Made Using Cooked Eggs

Tiramisu is no stranger to the masses. A good tiramisu is creamy, has the right balance of coffee-rum-cocoa flavour, and not overly soggy. Tiramisu is also highly subjective. Depending on what you prefer, a tiramisu may or may not suit your tastebuds.

Original/ Rum, $7

The tiramisu from Carolynmisu was nicely balanced. There was a bit of kahlua, a bit of coffee, a bit of cocoa powder, and a subtle mascarpone cheese taste in every bite. The consistency of the cream was not too heavy but not too airy as well. I suspected she used full eggs instead of just egg yolks (which many recipes call for, but this would overpower the mascarpone cheese) so I did a quick check with her and true enough, I was right! They used full, cooked eggs in their mascarpone cream.

For my readers out there who are allergic to raw eggs but have a strong craving for tiramisu, you’re in luck! Traditionally made using raw eggs, Carolyn from Carolynmisu makes hers with 80-90% cooked eggs, making it a safe treat for people with raw egg allergies, like herself. Despite incorporating cooked eggs, the flavour of the tiramisu was not compromised, with the mascarpone cheese cream still retaining its flavour and consistency.

Well balanced layers

There was one area for improvement though and that was the ladyfingers. It was a tad too soggy which ended up being quite mushy. I gave this feedback to Carolyn who said she will soak the ladyfingers for a lesser amount of time in future batches.

Carolynmisu comes in two flavours: Original and Rum. I reckon rum is for those who prefer a stronger flavoured tiramisu but for me, the Original flavour works well.

Very reasonably priced at $7 per cup, delivery is free with any purchase of 4 cups, otherwise an additional $5 for islandwide delivery applies. 4 cups is seriously so easy to achieve! To order, do DM her on their instagram or WhatsApp her at +65 92249998.

This post was done in collaboration with Carolynmisu but all opinions expressed are mine.

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