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Trippy Sherbet – Handcrafted Sherbets with No Added Preservatives


Do you know the difference between ice cream, sherbet, and sorbet? The main difference lies in the amount of milk present in each of the dessert. While ice creams have a high milk and cream content which help to stabilise the ice cream, sorbets are on the extreme end of the spectrum with no milk or cream at all. Because of this, sorbets require a high sugar content (generally about 20%) to keep its structure.

Here comes sherbets, which are like a marriage between ice creams and sorbets — in essence they are mainly fruit based with just a little bit of milk to help stabilise and give it that creamy texture. As a result, it is possible to have more fruits and less sugar in a single scoop of sherbet.

The last I checked, sherbets are rather rare in Singapore. Until I came across Trippy Sherbet. Was a bit intrigued after reading their commitment to have more than 50% of fruits and no preservatives or artificial sweeteners in a single tub so I had to try it for myself.

Starter Pack, $15.

Had the opportunity to try Trippy Sherbet’s starter pack which comes with 3 classic flavours and 1 premium flavour. Their sherbets are churned with soy milk so to all my lactose intolerant or health conscious readers out there, this is great news for you.

Strawberry, $15 for 16 Oz.

The Strawberry sherbet was to me the most refreshing one of the lot. It was also my favourite, because I could really taste the rich presence of the strawberries. I loved that there was a good bite from the strawberry seeds — a testimony that Trippy Sherbet packs a whole lot of real fruits into their sherbets.

Mango Coconut, $13 for 16 Oz.
Mango Coconut, $13 for 16 Oz.

The Mango Coconut is easily a crowd favourite. The mango taste was prominent, perhaps so much that it overpowered the coconut. Texture wise, this was a win for me because of the coconut milk which made the sherbet much more fuller and creamier.

Chocolate Banana, $13 for 16 Oz.
Chocolate Banana, $13 for 16 Oz.

Yet another favourite flavour of the masses. I was surprised that despite the addition of the cocoa, the Chocolate Banana still had an icy bite to it that’s classic of sorbets. I had expected it to be creamier because bananas become real creamy when frozen. The flavour is heavier on the banana side so if you’re a fan of bananas, you’re in for a treat.

Blue Dragon, $15 for 16 Oz.
Blue Dragon, $15 for 16 Oz.

The Blue Dragon was least impressionable even though the combination of blueberry and dragonfruit piqued my interest initially. After trying the rest of the sherbets above, I felt that this flavour did not really have a distinctive taste on its own. This is not necessarily a bad thing however, because dragonfruits are generally lighter on the palate. And because dragonfruits are high in water content (and each tub is evidently packed with them because the black seeds are aplenty), the texture of Blue Dragon is also the most icy of the lot. If anything, Trippy Sherbet could have added more sugar to enhance the taste but they chose not to do so.

For the price, I think Trippy Sherbet is worth every cent for the amount of fruit going into each tub. A quick browse on Trippy Sherbet’s website and you’ll find that you can also customise your very own tub if the above flavours are not what you fancy. Choose a maximum of 2 fruits from the given options (dragonfruit, banana, melon, mango etc) and indicate your sweetness level as well as your choice of dairy.

Delivery is currently free for self collection at Canberra MRT, otherwise a $5 fee applies for orders located in Khatib to Marsiling, and an $8 for all other areas.

To order, simply visit Trippy Sherbet on their website, DM their instagram or WhatsApp them at +6587429390

This post was done in collaboration with Trippy Sherbet but all views are mine.

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