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OraSi — a healthy and sustainable alternative to dairy milk

Shoutout to all my lactose intolerant readers out there! Coming all the way from Italy is OraSi, a company that prides itself on offering a healthy and sustainable alternative to dairy milk. The ingredients of the plant based milk come from Ferrara, Northern Italy, where they are all grown and controlled by certified Italian farmers. And here’s where it gets better. The ingredients are processed at a processing plant just 40km away which greatly reduces the carbon footprint!

The range: Barista Soy, Rice, Barista Oat, Almond, Soy Cocoa and may more!

Soy Cocoa, $4.90 for a pack of 3 x 200ml
Look at how thick it is!

OraSi’s soy cocoa contains 1.5% pure cocoa, a percentage that is higher than other cocoa beverages. Because of this, you can really taste the richness of the beverage and the intensiveness is very overpowering in a good way. As such, the soy cocoa makes an excellent energy drink. I kid you not, but one packet was enough for me to last the entire morning.

Almond, $.6.50 for 1L
Creamy Mushroom Pasta using OraSi’s Almond Drink

The almond milk is another product to shout about. The almond taste shines through rather easily, thanks to the 4.5% pure almond composition. The consistency was not too heavy but yet not too light. Put this into your oatmeal bowl or eat it with cereals! I used this to make a creamy mushroom sauce for my pasta and it worked wonders! My pasta was really fragrant and without the usual heaviness from using cream or milk.

Barista Soy, $5.90 for 1L
Perfect for a cup of matcha latte

There’s a very strong bean taste in OraSi’s soy milk, unlike the subtleness in the other usual soy milk brands I’m used to. Because of this, the flavour profile of my usual homemade matcha latte is heavier on the soy side, but I’m not complaining since it made my latte a little bit richer and creamier!

Rice, $4.95 for 1L
Blueberry Muffins using OraSi’s Rice Drink

I had a hard time thinking about how I should use the rice milk besides having it as a drink. Then I realised I had a lot of blueberries in the fridge that I wanted to use up quickly, so I made some blueberry muffins using the rice drink. I specifically chose the rice drink to make this muffin because of its light texture and taste; surely I wouldn’t want the milk to overpower the muffin!

Barista Oat, $6.90 for 1L

I would have made a drink with the Barista Oat, but because of it’s thickness and strong oat taste I figured it would be an excellent choice to drink on its own or eaten with fruits and berries. Did you know that because oats are such great water absorbers, the resulting milk is high in nutrients such as protein, fibre and iron? That makes oat milk one of the best milk alternative drinks out there!

OraSi is currently the third biggest brand in Italy, and its products are gluten free, lactose free, and does not contain milk proteins. They are also GMO-free certified, making it an everyday beverage for everyone. I’m so glad they have reached our sunny shores in Singapore and are currently available at NTUC Fairprice, The Marmalade Pantry, Ryan’s Grocery, Wild Honey, and Simply Health.

For more information, head to OraSi’s website here.

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