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Brotherbird Bakehouse, CT Hub 2


Brotherbird Bakehouse is a well known bakery in Singapore specialising in croissants. I learnt about them at the start of Circuit Breaker but could never get a slot on their pre-orders since it was always sold out within a minute. They finally tweaked their operations and now have enough for sale at their retail store at CT Hub 2!

One of the selling points of Brotherbird Bakehouse is that they change their line up of croissants every month. Interestingly, they only have 6 flavours on their menu each time. A daring approach, but I think the small variety is what ensures the quality of their croissants.

I tried the September line up (except Ham & Cheese) and happy to say that they did not disappoint at all.

Top left, clockwise: Shepherds Pie, Mango Sticky Rice x2, Double Chocolate Roll, Kinder Bueno, BB Original
Mango Stick Rice, $5
Mango Sticky Rice

My top favourite of the lot! A layer of sweet mango topped with chewy mochi makes this croissant a very unique and creative one. Even though this tasted more like a dessert croissant, I certainly wouldn’t mind having it for breakfast. The only thing I thought could be stronger is the coconut milk taste that’s iconic of mango sticky rice. The coconut shavings were not enough in bringing out this aspect.

Shepherds Pie, $6
Shepherds Pie

This came very close to Mango Sticky Rice but the latter won for its originality. The Shepherd’s Pie was absolutely flavourful and well textured, thanks to the mashed potatoes which were butter smooth.⠀

BB Original
BB Original

Surprisingly, the BB Original croissant came in strongly at third place, outperforming two more other flavours that I tried. This is the basis of all their croissants and I would say it’s very well executed. There was a subtle hint of butter that wasn’t too overpowering and would you just look at the beautiful honeycomb structure! Beautiful. They also topped the croissant with a layer of sweet glaze which made it extra yummy.

Double Chocolate Roll
Double Chocolate Roll

Possibly one of the largest chocolate rolls I’ve ever eaten. The crust was extremely flaky and airy for this one, with the amount of chocolate just right so it’s not overly sweet.⠀

Kinder Bueno
Kinder Bueno

This would likely be a hit with a lot of folks, but it felt a little too milky and overly sweet for my liking. I did enjoy looking at the filling ooze out as soon as I cut the croissant in half though. Be warned that this was super messy to eat. My hands were practically covered in the sweet filling by the time I was done.

PROTIP: even tho they open at 10am, be sure to reach by 930am (on weekdays) to ensure all flavours are still in stock when it’s finally your turn. On my first attempt, I reached at 950am and some were already sold out by the time I reached the front of the queue. I can only imagine the queue being way more horrible during the weekends.

Brotherbird Bakehouse croissants are worth the hype because of their creative flavours and well executed croissants. Long queues aside, I’ll be looking forward to their October line up.

114 Lavender Street, #01-05, Singapore 339729
Daily: 10am until stocks run out
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