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24 Hour Cake Delivery by Cake Delivery Singapore


Cake Delivery Singapore operates on one simple basis: order a cake and have it delivered any time of the day. Need a cake urgently? Have it delivered within the next hour. Want to surprise loved ones for their birthdays at 12 midnight?


Say goodbye to the hassle of buying a cake and then camping outside your friend’s house until the clock strikes 12. Cake Delivery Singapore has got you covered.

I had the opportunity to try their service and my order (Signature 8” Burnt Cheesecake) promptly arrived during the time slot I selected.

Signature 8” Burnt Cheesecake (1.5kg), $65.90

Creamy on the inside with a hint of caramel on the outside, the burnt cheesecake from Cake Delivery Singapore is a perfect midday indulgence for anyone. The quality of the burnt cheesecake is also a strong testament of their baking skills — bakers at Cake Delivery Singapore are well decorated and experienced, having been trained at top culinary institutions in Europe and worked at local high end bakeries and hotels.

The variety of cakes offered by Cake Delivery Singapore is rather extensive. Ranging from premium chocolate cakes to local favourites like ondeh ondeh and red velvet, there’s surely a flavour for any occasion. There’s even an option for vegans with the vegan eggless chocolate cake!

9.5” Premium Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake, $64.90. (Image from Cake Delivery Singapore)
9.5” Ondeh Ondeh Cake, $64.90. (Image from Cake Delivery Singapore)
8” Vegan Eggless Chocolate Cake, $75.90. (Image from Cake Delivery Singapore)

The pricing structure is straightforward. There’s free delivery with orders above $80. For orders under $80, an $8 surcharge applies. For 1 hour express deliveries, an addition of $18 is applicable to your order. Finally, if you require your order to be sent in the wee hours of the night, a $25 surcharge applies. Pretty affordable for the convenience actually.

Cake Delivery Singapore is the perfect solution for those needing a cake at the very last hour, or for those wanting to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries at the strike of midnight. Simply head to their website Cake Delivery Singapore or drop them a Whatsapp message at +6588474815 to order your cake, then sit back, relax and wait for it to arrive.

This post is written in collaboration with Cake Delivery Singapore but all views are mine.

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