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Takashimaya Mid Autumn Festival 2020

2020 is a year of firsts for everyone. Things that we previously took for granted are now no longer easily within our reach. Not surprisingly, a big event like mooncake festival which is usually held at the huge square located at Basement 2 and draws thousands of crowds every year, is affected. There is now a limited number of in-store brands located across various spots in Takashimaya. There are two main areas currently — Takashimaya Basement 1 Talking Hall, and the food area next to Cold Storage’s exit in Basement 2. However, do note that sampling and tasting is not possible due to Covid-19 precautions.

Talking Hall at Basement 1
Food area next to Cold Storage’s exit at Basement 2

Traditionally, I would head down and scout for the best and unique flavours to write about. This year however, most of the mooncakes can only be purchased through Takashimaya’s website. From now till 23 Sep 20, DBS Takashimaya card holders can earn double the points when you purchase online and self collect anytime before 30 Sep 20.

Nevertheless, there is still a bit of fun in heading to Takashimaya and looking at the items physically. I thought I’d take this chance to show you some of the nicer looking boxes that I saw during my trip there.

Peony Jade

Peony Jade really impressed me this year because the 3D box cover just exudes grandeur on all levels. You can gift this box to anyone and for sure they would be pretty mind blown at how delicately crafted the box is.

Mandarin Oriental

Sitting on opposite ends with Peony Jade is Mandarin Oriental’s pastel coloured box. The simple yet clean looking box is so elegant and I like the way the box opens! Additional points for creativity. The cover glides very smoothly back, revealing individually packed mooncakes in tin containers.


From the outside, the box by Shangri-La looks pretty usual, but open it up and you’d be surprised to see a full frame of Chinese painting. It certainly sets the mood and I think I would like to stare at this while enjoying my mooncakes with a cup of warm Chinese tea.

My Mum’s Cookies

If I didn’t hear the staff wrongly, each box is carefully crafted from pine wood. If that level of extravagance wasn’t enough, the boxes also come with fairy lights!

Baker’s Well

Baker’s Well hasn’t changed their packaging since a couple of years ago, and I believe it’s for good reason. The fun coloured boxes appeals more to the younger generation who just want to inject a little bit of fun into the whole mooncake gifting. Because why not?

Peninsula Boutique

I don’t think the normal folk will buy this, but I had to include it here because of its impressiveness. I’ve never seen a packaging as huge as this and thought you might like to check it out just for curiosity’s sake.

Takashimaya’s Mid Autumn Festival runs from now till 1 Oct 20. Other in-store participating brands include Mei Xin Hong Kong, Tai Chong Kok, Home’s Favourite, Kwong Cheng Thye, The Fullerton Hotel, Sheraton and Four Season’s Durians.

391A Orchard Road, Singapore 238873
Mondays to Thursdays: 11am to 8pm
Fridays to Sundays: 11am to 930pm
Check out their Facebook page here.

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