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Chojiro, Capital Square, Telok Ayer


Hailing from Osaka, ubiquitously the food paradise of Japan, Chojiro is a sushi restaurant known for its affordable and high quality sushi. I missed my chance to eat Chojiro in its full conveyor belt glory now that Covid-19 has happened, but that didn’t stop me from being the first customer at lunch on a weekday afternoon. Better late than never.

Chojiro is a little tricky to find if you’re not familiar with the hood. It’s located at the start of Pekin Street as you enter from Telok Ayer Street, situated next to the Local Coffee People. Due to Covid-19, the entrance to Chojiro is through Gochi.
Chojiro Plate, $27.99.

Possibly the most fancy set on their ala carte menu, the Chojiro plate is a feast to the eyes and a good conversation starter. Expect a theatrical play on the textures and flavours as you pick on your little bites including Kyoto style pressed mackerel sushi, ikura on rice, assorted tempura, pan fried salmon, tuna and salmon sashimi on rice, shredded crab on rice.

Salmon set, $14.99.

I loved the many ways in which each salmon nigiri was presented. Two highlights in particular for this dish were the huge ikura and thick slab of salmon belly right in the middle. The sushi rice itself was a good balance of vinegar and sweetness and it held up really well when picked up. It’s obvious in my picture, but the rice to fish ratio is superb.

Aburi salmon set, $10.99.

For the aburi lovers, this dish is for you. Perfectly blow torched, each nigiri lived up to expectations of a “melt in your mouth” experience.

Tori Karaage, $5.99.

I ordered an additional side of tori karaage after trying the one from the Chojiro platter above because I pretty much wanted to keep popping these into my mouth. Can’t resist a juicy fried chicken.

Tamago, $4.99.

Like the tori karaage, I also ordered an additional side of tamago after taking a bite from the Chojiro platter. It has a good balance of sweet and savoury, and the obvious layers of egg make it particularly nostalgic of the ones you can find in Japan.

Lovely layers of egg.

Chojiro in my opinion lives up to the hype of serving affordable yet quality sushi to its guests. If you visit for lunch, they offer an a variety of donburi with prices starting from $12.99. Looking forward to dining again when the conveyor belt is back in operation.

23 Church Street, #01-02/08, Singapore 049481
+65 6226 1271
Mondays to Fridays: 1130am to 230pm, 530pm to 945pm
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

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