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Sourdough by Bread Natural Way

Recently, I’ve come to realise that keeping myself healthy also means keeping my digestive system healthy. After stuffing myself silly for so many years, I’m quite sure that my gut is all gunky and so I’ve decided to jump onto the bandwagon and pick up some sourdough to start my mornings. With so many bakeries offering their own version of sourdough, taking the first step and choosing one to try was really hard for a beginner like myself.

Thankfully, Susan, the owner of Bread Natural Way, a home baker specialising in curated sourdough flavours, happens to be my sister.

Having cafe food at home is a real possibility now. (Image from Bread Natural Way)


Primarily made of flour, water and salt, sourdough bread is essentially a work of nature. Usually fermented over a long period of time, the fermentation that occurs naturally breaks down the ingredients to a state that our bodies can absorb. 

Most of the time our gut works extra hard to digest and breakdown the foods we eat, consisting mostly of complex or heavily processed ingredients. Over time this takes a toll on our digestive system, which then in turn affects our mental and physical health. 

With sourdough, our gut does not have to work as hard as nutrients from the sourdough ingredients are easily absorbed. Since there is less stress on our digestive system, we can bid bloaty tummies goodbye and welcome a better night’s sleep. With regular consumption of sourdough, a more positive gut microbiome is developed over time, conditioning our digestive system to process other foods easier and decreases the chances of eventually developing intolerances to certain foods.


Bread Natural Way doesn’t have a standard menu of sourdough flavours. Susan loves experimenting with different ingredients as she is always excited to see the unique textures and flavours they each bring to the sourdough. As a result, whacky flavours are added to the repertoire, but recreating them is very much dependent on their availability in her pantry. She usually has a “flavour of the week” which is a hit with her regular customers.

Rest assured however, that her sourdoughs can come in various flavours to suit even the pickiest palate. With flavours like beetroot cream cheese, artichoke with olive tapenade, pumpkin barley, homemade dashi with sesame seeds and Japanese seaweed… Who knew sourdough could be so much fun!

Citrus double chocolate with yuzu syrup (Image from Bread Natural Way).
Triplet truffle – truffle paste, truffle slices, truffle oil (Image from Bread Natural Way)


To place an order or enquire about her flavours, do drop her a message via her Instagram.

Prices start from $12 for a 500g sourdough. Orders need to be placed 3 days in advanced as the loaves are baked on demand to ensure you get it as fresh as possible. After placing your orders, you can collect them from Crane Club situated at 46 Kim Yam road, #01-05/06/07, Singapore 239351. Unfortunately, as of writing, all delivery slots are reserved for returning customers so new customers can only do a self pick up at Crane Club.

Staying healthy has never been easier.

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