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Meson del Champinon, Madrid, Spain


This is one place I think that would make me want to fly half the world to Madrid, Spain again. Specifically, Meson del Champinon — for their juicy stuffed mushrooms. The eatery is located near Plaza Mayor, but the entrance to this place is a tiny hole in the wall, making it easy to miss. Heck, you wouldn’t even bat an eyelid if you walked past. If only you knew!

As you enter, you’ll notice a lot of people standing by the counter having a beer and a plate of mushrooms. Walk further in and you’ll arrive at this lovely cave!

Stuffed mushrooms, 7.90.

This is the reason you are here! Having tried the below two items, I feel that the mushrooms were the only dish worth having. To eat this, you’re supposed to hold the two toothpicks with both hands and bring the mushroom into your mouth in one motion. The cube of cured ham makes the mushroom slightly salty but yet at the same time excellently flavoured and juicy.

Told my partner that I regretted ordering other items on the menu, not because I was too full and couldn’t eat them, but because I should have ordered two plates of mushrooms and gorged myself silly.

Ham croquettes, 6.

The croquettes were really creamy but it quickly got too overwhelming for me towards the end of my first piece. Additionally, if you don’t have them fast enough, they’ll quickly turn cold and all you’ll feel is a mush of stuff in your mouth.

Ham on bread, €4.50.

Was quite surprised at the amount of ham on the bread! Unfortunately, the ham was not really to my liking; expected better since we are after all in the land of cured meat right?

They always say that if a place has English menu, then it probably isn’t authentic. I beg to differ for Meson del Champinon. The mushrooms are worthy!

Cava de San Miguel, 17, 28005, Madrid, Spain

+34 915 59 67 90

Daily: 11am to 2am

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