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Kin Nam Nam Mookata, Upper Paya Lebar Road

Worth a try.

I always love a good Thai mookata in a coffee shop setting. The rustic vibes in an open air roadside stall coupled with the shoulder to shoulder fight to get your food bring back memories of Bangkok. Best part about this Mookata? They use charcoal. Can’t get any closer to BKK than that.

The raw ingredients are in a three panel fridge which is a rather small and cramped space to be honest. Because of this lack of space, only one person could take the food at any one time, resulting in a long wait. Plus there is a limited number of plates your hands can hold before the person behind you starts frowning.

Quite a good spread of ingredients actually. At the peak of the meal, the staff actually removed a panel so that more people could take the food faster.

Pardon the slightly shaky quality. I was in a rush to take the photographs because I had spent a fair bit of time queueing for the food and the buffet had a limit of 2 hours.

The meat was well marinated but it was a little too salty for my liking. Additionally, beef is not on the buffet menu so you’ll have to order them ala carte. Nevertheless, the quality of the meat was rather good.

The prawns were really fresh and of a good medium size. They also had pig liver!

Fish slices, cheese tofu and corn.

Quail eggs, lobster ball, meat ball and beancurd skin.

I was quite surprised at the mushroom variety.

The soup stock was a bit bland so you do have wait after you’ve cooked a lot of meat (maybe 1 hour later) before you can get some really tasty piping hot soup.

Love the condiments! You can blend your own and dictate your spiciness level. 

At a price of $19.90 per adult (plus $5 for free flow drinks – trust me, you’ll need it), I feel that Kin Nam Nam is justified for its location, comfort and variety of food. Plus the staff are super friendly. However, I would not go back a second time because the location is not ideal for me (it’s near Bartley MRT and there’s pretty much nothing else to do there) and if you happen to get a bad table, you could be grilling and eating next to someone else’s legs (unfortunately the ground is uneven and they have to make full use of the space to the best of their ability).

321 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534944

+65 885 56969

Daily: 5pm to 2am

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