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Dumpling Darlings, Amoy Street


Dumplings Darlings. An amusing name that translates into a fun mealtime experience with the main stars being none other than dumplings. If you’re strongly loyal to traditional dumplings or guo tie however, this place is not quite made for you.

(Screenshot from Dumpling Darlings’ Facebook page)

The menu. So cute right! Judging by the thickness of this booklet (with many comics drawings inside), it’s pretty obvious that the variety at Dumpling Darlings is not going to be huge. Still, it soon reached full house as soon as it opened its doors for lunch. I was told that the waiting times would be an hour and a half if you did not make a reservation during weekdays.

I ordered their lunch set ($16), and I highly recommend you do so too. You get 1x noodles of your choice, 4x dumplings (single flavour of your choice), and a fancy drink. Quite a good deal, considering their drinks can easily cost $6 and up.

Miso Mushroom noodles.

Mix them well and you have yourself a bowl of comfort food. The toppings were generous enough to accompany every bite that I took. The noodles were soft and chewy; like a hybrid between ramen and ban mian. If you order the lunch set, you get a free ramen lava egg!

Fried Periogi.

This was my favourite dumpling. As soon as you bite open the fried dumpling, the warm mushy goodness from the truffle potato fills your entire mouth. The sriracha dressing gave it a little spicy punch and at some point I did feel like I was eating a fusion curry puff.

Smoked Duck.

I had high hopes for this but sadly it didn’t hit the right notes. Unfortunately, all I could taste was the balsamic vinaigrette that came with the dumplings. If I ate them blindfolded, I wouldn’t be able to tell it was smoked duck.

Momo Curry.

I was intrigued by this dish because I would have never ever thought of pairing dumplings with Labneh, a cream cheese made from strained yoghurt. The sour, tart taste of the Labneh complimented the curry spice pretty well.


What’s visiting a dumpling shop without trying their original flavour? As the foundation of any dumpling place, the original dumplings tell a lot about the standards of the place itself. Glad to say the dumplings were pan fried well. The dumplings had a nice caramelised char at the bottom while the soft chewy skin perfectly wraps the dumpling meat.

Dessert, $8. Not part of the lunch set.

This dish wins on the creativity department. You’ve got so much going on in a single bite — cheese, poached pears, vanilla beans, Tasmanian ice cream. The dumplings are fried and come absolutely piping hot so be sure to eat it with the ice cream otherwise you might scald your tongue like I did. Taste wise, I really liked the poached pears bits in the dumpling which gave the dish that little sweet crunch.

Grapefruit Thyme Strawberry Green Tea.

Gotta say that Dumpling Darlings’ drink selection though small, is pretty alluring. The grapefruit drink above is really refreshing but they could do with a little bit more thyme. They have got other interesting drinks like Longan Osmanthus Pu- Erh where you get osmanthus jelly bits alongside whole longan. If ordered ala-carte, the drinks cost an average of $6 so I’d say it’s a really good deal to get it as part of the lunch set.

All in all, Dumpling Darlings is a must visit for its cutesy menu and unique dumpling flavours. It is possible to try every single flavour during your first visit if you go with a group of 6 but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing other friends or relatives who are on the lookout for something new. The seating capacity is really limited so I would strongly suggest making reservations if possible.

44 Amoy Street, Singapore 069870

+65 8223 9249

Closed Sundays

Mondays to Thursdays: 1130am to 3pm, 6pm to 1030pm

Fridays: 1130am to 3pm, 6pm to 2am

Saturdays: 6pm to 2am

Website here

Facebook here

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