Pot Yummy Yummy, Telok Ayer Street

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Worth a try.

Pot Yummy Yummy is well known to people working in the CBD area. The concept is simple; individual soup pots and conveyor belt ingredients, buffet style.

Pot Yummy Yummy offers a veriety of soup bases that will appeal to anyone’s tastebuds. I chose the tomato soup while my partner chose the pig bone and codyceps flower soup. The additional $3 and $4 respectively on top of the buffet price is quite affordable I would say. However, don’t expect the soups to be out of this world. I would say they’re mediocre.

It’s pretty much counter seats so if you come in a big group during peak hours you might have to wait a while for booth seats. The downside of sitting in a booth seat is that you constantly have to trouble the person seated nearest to the conveyor belt to help get food.

Pot Yummy Yummy’s conveyor belt style is great for those who want to try a bit of everything, and not much of everything. You can literally just pick one potato slice from the moving container. I’ve got to say, their variety is rather huge and you find find all sorts of ingredients so it was quite fun seeing the items slowly travel to me.

Meat slices and prawns are rather rare. I think I waited a good 15 minutes before I saw a meat item. I’m not sure how this will work during super peak hours because everyone will be fighting for the meat and those at the tail end of the belt will likely get nothing.

Amongst all the meats, the pork belly was the best. The beef and lamb can be forgone; having close to zero fats, you can expect it to be rubbery and tough.

Protip: grab a handful of the pork belly on a plate so you can slowly eat throughout your meal.

The prawns were of good size so you don’t feel like you spent too much effort peeling them. Freshness wise, hits and misses. Had one instance if the shell falling off cleanly, but the rest were a messy and sticky experience.

Pork and beef paste. Both are not something I would rave about. The beef tasted like a typical beef ball while the pork paste had little yellow bits which I assumed were either smashed corn or pumpkin. Despite the promising look, the pork paste tasted quite bland and lacking of depth. Nevertheless it was fun scooping the paste into my boiling soup.

The sauce station is pretty decent with all the expected condiments plus some additional ones like mushroom sauce and fried soybeans. Glad they don’t charge extra for it.

For dinner and weekend dining, Pot Yummy Yummy offers cooked food on top of the buffet spread. There’s Xiao Long Bao, Har Gao, fried sesame balls, fried spring rolls and ice cream. My advice is to stick to the hotpot items. The cooked food was super disappointing! My Xiao Long Bao was tasteless and I ended putting it into my soup just like a normal dumpling. Didn’t do much savings though. The Har Gao was no better.

Overall Pot Yummy Yummy is a rather fun experience if you don’t mind the lacking food quality. The staff are also quite courteous and will guide you along if it’s your first time there.

80 Telok Ayer Street, #01-01, Singapore 048466

+65 6909 7379

Weekdays: 11am to 10pm

Weekends: 1130am to 10pm

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