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Pot Yummy Yummy, Telok Ayer Street


[Update on 3 Sep 20] It’s been more than a year since I was here and I must say they are currently one of the stronger hotpot+BBQ buffet shops around!

Pot Yummy Yummy is a place to scream about for one simple reason: where else can you find a hotpot + BBQ dinner buffet for less than $30?!

I’d say the concept is essentially the best of many worlds: a super affordable hotpot + BBQ buffet, you have your own individual hotpot, and drinks are free flow.

The ingredients used to come out via a conveyor belt that runs through the restaurant, but with current covid measures in place, all ingredients are prepared in the kitchen and served to you personally.

The first thing you’d notice for the hotpot menu is that Pot Yummy Yummy offers 12 different types of soup bases that will appeal to anyone’s tastebuds. Notable soups include Duck Soup with Angelica ($5), Pig Bone and Cordyceps Flower ($4), Black Chicken Soup with Ginseng Rootlet ($4), Chicken Soup with Scallops and Mushrooms ($6), Pig’s Stomach and Lion’s Mane Mushroom Soup ($5). The rest of the soups are your standard Tomato ($3), Sukiyaki ($3), Tom Yam ($3) and the likes.

I tried the Duck Soup with Angelica and the Black Chicken Soup with Ginseng Rootlet and I have to say both soups were quality. It felt super nourishing yet at the same time not too overpowering.

Duck Soup with Angelica, $5.

The hotpot menu is extensive. You can really find anything on the hotpot menu including crab and oysters! Not a particular fan of seafood in my hotpot, I went straight for the meats instead. The meats were really fresh and the thickness of each piece was just right. The fats to meat ratio was also balanced, making every bite quite an enjoyable one.

Australia Beef
Pork Belly
Fresh Prawns
Corn Pork Paste

Trust me when I say the hotpot menu is very extensive. Pot Yummy Yummy even has pork paste for you to scoop into your boiling soup! I liked that the paste has little bits of corn that adds a subtle texture to the entire nugget.

The highlight of Pot Yummy Yummy to me was their BBQ. The flavours of the meats were unlike anywhere I’ve tried, and they’ve got this special dipping powder that complements the BBQed meats really well.

The 4 Flavour Pork Belly is a MUST TRY. Every table ordered one and I can understand why. The meats were well marinated and when cooked, the glistening fats just melts in your mouth. So sinful but so good!

4 Flavour Pork Belly (Mala, Sweet and Sour, Black Pepper, Korean Chilli)
Corned Beef in French Red Wine
Garlic Prawns
Pork Ribs in Anka Sauce
Pork Belly Chunk
Orleans Chicken Wings
Back: Special Cumin Mix
Front: Korean Chilli sauce
Xiao Long Bao

For dinner and weekend dining, Pot Yummy Yummy offers free flow Xiao Long Bao. While you may be tempted to order one serving just for the fun of it, I strongly recommend you not to do so. The hotpot + BBQ is much better and I’d rather you use your tummy space for those instead.

Overall, Pot Yummy Yummy is a place where you can enjoy a good hotpot + BBQ buffet without breaking the bank. The unique point is really their flavoured BBQ meats and special hot pot soups where you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. This, along with the no frills vibe, makes this place an enjoyable one to dine at.

The price system is a little complex, but once you get it, you’ll see how affordable the whole meal is. For dinner, the hotpot buffet itself is $21.80. Depending on your chosen soup base, you have to top up an additional $3-$6. If you decide to add on BBQ buffet which I highly recommend, it’s an additional $6 for the whole table. So if you eat with 3 others, it’s only an additional $1.50 per person to enjoy the BBQ buffet. All in all, your meal will come up to less than $30 per person. Super worth it I say!

80 Telok Ayer Street, #01-01, Singapore 048466
+65 6909 7379
Daily: 1130am to 1030pm
Check out their Facebook page here

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