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Forbidden Duck, Marina Bay Link Mall


Situated on the second floor of Marina Bay Link Mall, Forbidden Duck may be a little too hidden from the general crowd. Fortunately, this also means a feeling of exclusivity and prestige, especially when you have a direct lift to the restaurant.

(Screenshot from Marina Bay Link Mall’s website)

The menu can be a little confusing for some, as their signature duck dishes come in many forms. For first timers, I’d recommend trying their signature duck dishes.

Signature Slow Roasted Duck (half duck), $58.

Forbidden Duck’s Signature Slow Roasted Duck was a nice rendition of the traditional Peking duck that we are used to. Instead of a thin egg crepe, a calamansi butterfly bun is used. This combination doesn’t sound intuitive, but the subtle sourness from the bun had a very refreshing spin on the roasted duck. The roasted duck meat itself certainly lived up to the hype of the restaurant. Succulent and flavourful, the pink and tender meat is good enough to be eaten on its own.

Laksa Style Peking Duck, $18.

The Laksa Style Peking Duck went beyond my expectations. The little details they added, such as the sliced lime and tau pok, just shows the meticulous care they took in order to not overpower the dish yet at the same time giving that little zing.

Iberico Pork Char Siu and Crispy Roast Pork Belly, $28.

Forbidden Duck doesn’t just make just any run of the mill char siu. Iberico pork, also known as the equivalent of wagyu, is used so that you get maximum goodness including a melt in your mouth experience. The roast pork belly was delicately done; the skin on top was the right amount of thickness and right level of crispiness.

Japanese Yuzu Lemon Chicken, $22.

This dish is a must order. It sounds super ordinary, and you might think it can’t be too far off from the usual lemon chicken rice that you have during your lunches but you’re wrong! Every bite was super refreshing and tangy thanks to the Japanese Yuzu bits. The chicken itself was crispy throughout, even as the dish was left sitting on our through the entire meal.

Homemade Tofu with Wild Mushrooms, $18.

No doubt this tofu dish is a common staple at Chinese restaurants, but Forbidden Duck’s homemade tofu was stuffed with spinach. The tofu crust readily split open when cut, suggesting a fine layer of coating fried to perfection.

Giant Egg Tart, $6 for 2 pieces.

Probably the most memorable fusion egg tart I’ve ever eaten. The staff at Forbidden Duck do not tell you what’s within the tart, but when you take your first bite — wow. The yuzu overtones hit your senses all at once and once you cut through, you’ll find yuzu marmalade right at the bottom that pairs perfectly well with the egg custard. With a 40 minutes advanced order, the tart comes piping hot, the custard smooth and light, and the crust a little doughy but still flaky. A must order dish, and don’t forget to pack some home.

8A Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Link Mall, #02-02, Singapore 018984

+65 6509 8767

Daily: 1130 to 3pm, 6 to 10pm

Website here

Facebook page here

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