Is the GrabFood subscription plan worth it?

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Most certainly not.

At first glance, GrabFood subscription sounds pretty awesome for three reasons:

The monthly subscription fee of $7.90 is a low price to pay for 30 free deliveries. Plus they give you two vouchers amounting to $10 and $5 off your meals which you can use if your minimum order is $20 and $10 respectively.

There is no minimum order. This means you can order a cup of bubble milk tea for $2.50 and have it delivered to your house.

You can earn Grab points which lets you exchange for Grab vouchers or any other vouchers you fancy. This is a bonus to have. Win-win. Also, you’ll be able to clock up the spending on your credit cards.

That said, there are huge cons about GrabFood that triggered my wrath in writing this post.

There are no drivers around to deliver your food. Out of 10 times I’ve tried to place an order, 9 times were rejected. Grab will only start searching for a driver after you’ve placed your order. The restaurant will not prepare your order until a driver is found. If no drivers are found after 20 minutes, grab will reject your order. This happens to me on a regular basis, anytime of the day. I can start my food hunt at 9am in the morning, get rejected a few times, before finally getting my food at 1130am. Mind you, my eyes have to be constantly glued to the screen least there are updates on my order (actually, it’s to see if my order has been rejected).

Need I remind you, a hungry man is an angry man?

Eateries can choose to operate on Grab as and when they like. This means you are at the mercy of what’s available and can’t plan in advanced. I once wanted to order some food for my friend’s housewarming but when that day came I realised the eatery wasn’t open. It is also highly likely that restaurants go offline during meal times. Just yesterday I had wanted to order Chir Chir for dinner. Unfortunately for me, I took a tad too long in choosing my sides and as a result, when I wanted to pay, the restaurant had already went offline.

Coupled with the first point about having no drivers around, I’ve on multiple times literally waited for 30minuts or more until the restaurant went offline.

The new grab app only allows one grab service at one time. Total bollocks. I can’t order my food and grab a ride home. I can’t order my food and separately order my drink from another place. Combined with the first con above (ridiculously long waiting times for the food), I sometimes eat my dinner at 9pm, or none at all, because the restaurants have closed by then. What a joke really!

You might want to hold on the subscription until GrabFood gets their act in order. I’ve given my feedback multiple times, and all I always get is a “we are trying to fix this as soon as possible”.

Bye GrabFood, you will not be missed.

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