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Hai Xian Lao, Isetan Scotts


Don’t know why I’ve never bothered to try Hai Xian Lao at their Wilkie Edge branch, because the one at Isetan Scotts is amazing! They have ala carte and buffet options and I strongly recommend going for the buffet.

You can choose two different soup bases at no additional cost unless you choose any of the 3 special flavours which is an additional $3 per flavour. If you want more variety, you can add another flavour (triple pot) for an additional $5. Pretty reasonable I would say. However, don’t except the soup standards to be like Beauty in the Pot or Hai Di Lao.

I chose tomato and healthy collagen soup bases. The tomato soup was really sweet and flavourful. The healthy collagen soup on the other hand was a little disappointing. Once melted, the soup became rather one dimensional and almost tasteless.

Live prawns.

All diners are entitled to 1 plate (3-4 pieces) of live prawns. I was pretty surprised to see the prawns still flinching when it reached my table. The prawns were of good size as well.

Seafood paste.

Each diner is also entitled to one serving of their seafood paste. This was really good! The paste when cooked was super Q, and because it soaked up the flavours of the soup, it’s double yummy.

Beef slices.

Pork belly slices.

The meat, albeit a buffet, certainly did not disappoint. Look at the fat to lean meat ratio of both the beef and pork belly slices! The thickness of the meats were also just right, almost to the point of melt in your mouth consistency.

Platter of vegetables and mushrooms.

They’ve got a pretty good selection of vegetables and mushrooms. We all know how expensive mushrooms can be at these hotpot places, so spamming them at this buffet makes me feel like I’m making my money’s worth.

Crisp pork and prawn paste chicken.

Freshly fried upon order, the crisp pork and prawn paste chicken were crunchy and savory. Why order pre-cooked food at a steamboat you ask? Because why not?

Sesame sauce noodles.

I know it isn’t a good idea to stock up on carbs at a buffet, but Hai Xian Lao does their noodles dishes pretty well! Their sesame sauce noodles was flavouful with an aromatic kick. I would eat this only if I’m with a big group of folks though, as one or two bites is enough to satisfy this craving.

Fried mantou with condensed milk.

Somehow the saying “there’s a another stomach for dessert” seems to be rather apt here. Best way to end the meal in my opinion!

Hai Xian Lao’s weekend buffet will set you back by $41 after taxes but in opinion it is really worth it for the variety and quality of food.

350 Orchard Road, Level 4 Shaw Centre, Singapore 238868

+65 6219 0777

Daily: 11am to 11pm

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