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I’m Hooked onto Style Theory and Here’s Why

Ladies! If you’ve reached this write up I would assume that you already know about Style Theory, and you are doing some research of your own to see if your $129/ month would be well spent.

Screenshot from Style Theory’s Facebook.

I have been on Style Theory for more than two years now, and I love every bit of it. It’s like shopping for clothes online, except that it’s on a weekly basis, all items are designer wear, and you don’t need a single bit of wardrobe space. Best part? No washing or ironing needed.

How exactly does Style Theory work?

In a nutshell, pick your three favourite designer clothes, have them delivered to you, wear and show them off at work, return your three pieces, and rent your next three. As simple as that!

But … paying $129 a month, owning absolutely nothing and wearing something that someone else has worn before. Why would I do that?!

Because Style Theory is so much more.

Before you go any further… Download the app! It’s completely free to view their entire collection!

The variety is endless

One of the main reasons that’s keeping me on Style Theory is the vastness of designs available for every occasion. Beach holiday? Checked. Wedding dinner? Checked. Winter wear? Checked. High tea party? Checked. With Style Theory, I need not buy an outfit specially for that one occasion anymore. Also, I’ve come to appreciate that my holiday outfits are now all different. Score.

A word of caution though. When I was finally ready to choose my three pieces after joining, I realised that most of my initial favourities were not available as they were already on rent. I saw this as a good move by Style Theory. I believe they bring in a very small number of clothings per size so you don’t see someone else wearing the same thing as you.

Clothes come in various sizes

They do state rather accurate measurements in inches (bust, waist, hips, length) so don’t worry about renting a piece that’s too small or huge. Generally, their waist sizes are available from as small as 24″ to as large as 31″.

The quality is great

The quality of the clothes are great. To begin with, since they’re all designer wear, you’ll expect the workmanship and durability to be tip-top. Style Theory sends their clothes to professional dry-cleaners Jeeves so you can be assured that great care is taken to maintain the lifespan of each clothing.

Receiving and returning your clothes is rather seamless

If you’re a working adult like me with no one at home during most of the work day, your biggest worry would be the collection and returns. But Style Theory makes this process as seamless as possible.


You have 2 options:

  1. Self collect — Self pick up at Jeeves Raffles City or Scotts the next working day.
  2. Wow Delivery — choose your specific timeslot and get it delivered to your house two working days later.

You’ll see that the best value in terms of time would be the self pick up (the rest of the options have a one day lag). But the catch is that you can only pick up your clothes from 230pm to 630pm.


Again, there are 2 options:

  1. Self deliver back to Jeeves.
  2. Wow Delivery — Pick up from your place at specific timeslots.

The most convenient option is Wow Delivery. Best of all, they have a night delivery slot so you can be at home to collect after your work.

So, my typical cycle looks like this, assuming delivery and returns are via Wow Delivery:

  1. Wear Style Theory on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
  2. Return clothes at 7pm on Wednesday.
  3. Select your next box of three clothings on Wednesday.
  4. Receive next box on Friday.
  5. Wear Style Theory over the weekend and/ or following Monday to Wednesday.

They have excellent customer service

Having been on Style Theory for years, I have to say that the folks at Style Theory are very service and customer oriented. They constantly seek customers’ feedback and make changes so that it value adds for customers.

It’s also super easy to reach out to them. They have an in-app chat and the response time is excellent, not to mention super friendly.

So why not give it a go?

I strongly encourage everyone to at least give Style Theory a go for a month. The whole experience of selecting your designs, receiving the clothes, and wearing them at work or to parties is something that I look forward to every week. It’s a fun way to break the mundane cycle of work.

Style Theory runs different promotions every now and then with great savings off the first month. In fact, use my referral link to get the Starter Plan (usual price $59/month) FREE for the first month! Think of it like a trial; you can always cancel your subscription on the go if you don’t like it, but trust me, you will be hooked in no time.

Style Theory’s website is as comprehensive as it can get, but if you would like more information from a customer’s perspective, drop me an email at and I’ll be happy to chat.

Have fun choosing your three pieces!

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