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Ash and Elm Sunday Brunch, Intercontinental Hotel


Ash & Elm’s Sunday brunch buffet is a bold offering against the usual players. The spread is not huge and you can run out of items to try pretty quickly. But Ash & Elm makes up for it by serving great quality food. It was well worth my $98++ (non alcoholic) and I left the place fully satisfied.

Cold seafood station.

You can expect the premium fare — oysters from Canada and France, Boston lobsters, fresh prawns, scallops etc. The oysters were fresh and big.

Cheese room.

Cheese heaven! Just how many buffets out there have an entire room just for cheese?!

Caviar station.

Always fun to see a caviar station. While it’s something to feel wow about, don’t forget that Regent Hotel offers it at their high tea too. Nevertheless, if you get tired of the variety, add some prawn roe to the dish and you’re good to go again.

Appetizer shooters. (from top left clockwise) Turkey with cranberries and olive, Chargrilled asparagus with quail egg, Potato salad with avocado and shiso cress.

I loved these! I thought these dishes were rather creatively put together to bring out the best flavours in each and every one of them.

Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, crackling roast pork.

I was lucky to be early. Halfway through brunch the meat started to run out and it wasn’t as appetizing as it looked anymore.

Grilled Lamb Chop with Green Peas and Mint Jelly Sauce.

This and the rest below that you see served and plated individually are called tasting platters. They are cooked on demand and served piping hot. This is where your money is most worth it as well.

The grilled lamb was so tender! It had the right amount of char and doneness. I could have eaten two but I wanted to save my tummy space for other bites.

Pan-seared Scallop with Savoy Cabbage and Bacon.

While eating I overheard the lady at the next table telling her friend that Savoy cabbage is rather expensive so I did a check on HonestBee and… indeed. One piece costs $13 compared to 1kg Beijing Cabbage at $2. Eat up, people!

Bangers and Mash.

The British pork sausage was pretty normal but the wow factor here is the mashed potatoes. So soft and silky!

Pork and Cider Casserole.

My least favorite dish out of all the tasting platters. On its own, I like the classic combination of pork and apple pairing, but the tangy cider flavour here didn’t sit well with me.

Steamed Halibut, Grilled Leek and Lemon Butter Sauce.

Despite the size, the fish was well cooked. Not too tough and rubbery. I reckon you should eat the fish together with the leek in one bite.

Fish and Chips.

They used cod fish for this dish. I would have thought that the batter would overwhelm the tiny piece but it didn’t. The balance between batter and fish was just right, and super crunchy as well.

Mushroom Chestnut Wellington.

For the mushroom lovers, this is for you. Very strong, earthy vibes alongside a buttery pastry.

Chocolate fountain. So incredible looking!

The dessert section was honestly the weakest section of the entire buffet. There were a handful of cakes, an ice cream counter, and chocolate fountain. The picture below basically sums it up.

Champagne Macaroons.

These babies are huge! Colourfully decorated, the champagne flavour was strong and satisfying. But they were replaced with tiny macaroons after they ran out. What a pity.

In writing this post, I realise how limited Ash & Elm’s Sunday brunch is. The pictures above are a good 80% of what is offered at the brunch buffet. They also had soups, pies, pizza and fish but they don’t look good on pictures. However, I actually didn’t mind the lack of vatiety because I could then focus on the main dishes which honestly were of really high standards.

80 Middle Road, Intercontinental Hotel, S(188966)

+65 6338 7600

Sunday brunch: 12noon to 3pm

Menu here

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