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Oberstrasse, French Road


Oberstrasse is a little out of the way and inconspicuous, but the laid back, relaxed atmosphere makes you want to sit there for hours just watching the world go by. Of course, the food is delish.

Specifically, I mean their rosti. Have always thought that Marche’s rosti were the best but the rosti at Oberstrasse is a serious contender, if not on par.

Rosti with Smoked Salmon and Sunny Side Up Egg, $14.50.

When I first had this I thought I wouldn’t be going back to Marche anymore. The rosti here is legit! It’s crispy on the outside yet soft but not flaky on the inside. I’ve tried making rosti myself at home and it turned out to be a mess, so I can really appreciate how this deceivingly simple looking dish is pieced together. Plus, the sunny side up egg was meticulously cooked, making sure you have a runny egg yolk to go with your rosti.

Truffle Eggs with Brioche Toast, $13.

Had to try out their other dishes of course. This dish was a little unexpected for me. The amount of sprinkled cheese on the scrambled egg is massive! Loved the touch of truffle together with the moist, fluffy scrambled eggs. It was a little jelat towards the end though.

Rosti with Veal Bratwurst and Sunny Side Up Egg, $14.50.

Not a fan of bratwurst generally but Oberstrasse did theirs well. Soft on the inside, nicely grilled on the outside.

Prawn and Bacon Aglio Olio, $17.

The aglio olio is decent, but nothing fancy to scream about. The prawns, though large and succulent, could do with a little more flavour from the broth.

Seriously, just visit Oberstrasse for their rosti. The location is not the best, but they don’t have GST nor service charge so that’s definitely a sweet move.

809 French Road, #01-50, S(200809)

+65 9652 5336

Wednesdays to Sundays: 9am to 9pm

Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Facebook page here

Follow me on Instagram here

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