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BIZEN Okayama Wagyu Steakhouse, Plaza Singapura

Worth a try.

Opened by the brains behind Aston’s is an affordable Wagyu steakhouse, located at the newly established NomadX at Plaza Singapura. The initial opening days saw long queues for this place but I visited on a Saturday lunch and was surprised to see it empty.

I think the hype was that this place uses Wagyu beef but if I’m not wrong, BIZEN uses A3 beef which really means average. A3 Wagyu has a BMS or about 3 or 4, which is pretty much like a normal piece of steak that you eat outside. I guess for the comfort and ambience you are still getting a good deal, but that’s about it.

Choose your own cut of steak. Price ranges from $19.90 for rump steak to $33.90 for tenderloin. All steaks come with one side dish.

I wasn’t in the mood for steak so I decided to try the more unconventional choices.

Wagyu Don with Miso Soup, $14.90.

Ah, it definitely doesn’t help that Waa Cow! has a pop up store at NomadX, just below Bizen. The beef bowls at Waa Cow! are so much better in terms of both flavour and pricing. I didn’t feel that Bizen’s wagyu don was worth any shoutouts. The beef itself was not too bad, but the broth was a disappointment.

Pork Katsu with Bacon Mac & Cheese, $14.90.

Thought I was mad to order a pork cutlet in a steakhouse but it turned out to be a mighty fine decision! The pork katsu was super crispy and thick, and the katsu sauce was just right. I felt that this was better than the beef bowl.

A drawback however, is that the pork cutlet comes with only one side. No rice, no salad (unless you chose either one for your side). The bacon Mac & Cheese was, well, Aston’s standard. Had I known this was opened by Aston’s, I definitely wouldn’t have chosen this side.

The pork katsu does look and feel a little pathetic this way, which is also why even though I loved the katsu, I don’t think I’ll be visiting this place again.

68 Orchard Road, #N3-10 NomadX, S(238839)

+65 6219 3463

Daily: 1130am to 10pm

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