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Rubato Italian Kitchen and Bar, Greenwood Avenue


On a quiet Wednesday afternoon my colleague brought me to the hidden makan place of Greenwood Avenue. We had Rubato, an Italian restaurant, for lunch.

Rubato has a fixed menu as well as a seasonal menu. If you’re not particularly craving for anything, I suggest hearing them out as the do have dishes of the day which are not on the menu.

Sauteed Fresh Clams with Chardonnay, $29.

The best part about a clams with white wine dish is the broth. This dish had a very pleasing and addictive flavour. The broth was gone before the clams were done. Wicked!

Slow Braised Spanish Octopus, $32.

I’m not a fan of squid and octopus because it’s hard hard to get them right; most of the time they end up rubbery and overly chewy. However, the octopus in this dish were so soft! Almost couldn’t tell I was eating octopus really. The sauce tasted quite similar to satay sauce, a surprise for me because it looked so heavily tomato based.

Hand Picked Crab Meat and Angel’s Hair Pasta, $40.

I’ve cooked Angel’s Hair Pasta before, and it turned out a disaster. It cooks really quickly, and gets lumpy once you take it out of the pasta water. For that reason, I don’t really eat dishes with Angel’s Hair Pasta. For this dish, I still don’t quite fancy the texture of the pasta, but the sauce was great! Sweet overtones and chunky crab meat aplenty. Yums.

Mushroom & Co Risotto, $22.

The risotto was done Al Dante. My colleague felt that it was a bit undercooked, which admittedly I did feel that the grains were slightly too hard. Nevertheless I loved the truffle aroma and the porcini mushroom puree really gave this mushroom dish a higher kick.

12 Greenwood Avenue, S(289204)

Weekdays: 1130am to 3pm, 530pm to 12am

Weekends: 11am to 12am

+65 6252 3200

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