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Ah Chiang’s Porridge, Tiong Poh Road


The best testimony any open air eatery can get — when you see a truckload of people on a sunny afternoon queuing for piping hot porridge at a coffee shop.

There’s definitely something for everyone at Ah Chiang’s Porridge. The varied menu has not only has 28 different types of porridge, but side dishes such as stir fried vegetables and ginger chicken.

After making your order and payment at the cashier, be sure to get your condiments by the side. Yes chilli slices in porridge does seem odd, but when put together with sesame oil, spring onion and ginger, the porridge becomes extremely fragrant and addictive.

Minced Meat Porridge with Egg, $4.50.

The egg is cracked into the bowl just before the pipping hot porridge is poured in, so part of the fun is actually digging for the egg yolk and quickly mixing it into the porridge. Doing so will give you a creamier texture.

Raw Salmon, $5.50.

Always feel this is a must eat when I’m at porridge stalls. Feel free to add more condiments! Also, a dash of pepper makes wonders for this dish.

If you’re heading there for lunch, do go early as by the time the clock hits 1230pm, you’ll have difficultly finding a table.

65 Tiong Poh Road, #01-38, S(160065)

Daily: 6am to 11pm

+65 6557 0084

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