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You’re hosting a party, and you’re fretting over getting thick, supple sashimi that will not disappoint. The supermarkets have it, but you’re busy preparing your house for the party and do not have the time to go get it.

OosterBay is here to relief you of that chore. You can pick and mix your favourite fishes, or pick from their available platters.

Platter A with an additional serving of salmon sashimi, $99.50 + $13.80

For the above price, you get:

  • 200g Salmon sashimi (14 to 18 slices)
  • 150g Mekajiki sashimi (10 to 12 slices)
  • 100g Tai or similar sashimi
  • 10 prawns Amaebi sashimi
  • 120g Ikura
  • 4 bowls of Japanese rice
  • Additional 120g Salmon sashimi (7 to 10 slices)

The platter is well presented, and the sashimi slices really do not disappoint. The only thing is that the platter wasn’t as chilled by the time it reached my place. Well it’s probably because I ordered during the festive period and they have a lot of orders to fulfill, so benefit of doubt, this lack of chillness should be an anomaly.

OosterBay also has other platters with more indulgent varieties such as scallops, otoro and oysters. This is my first order so I wanted to start small. Will definitely order the bigger platters for my parties in future.

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