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Edge, Pan Pacific Singapore


Edge at Pan Pacific has always been my favourite buffet restaurant and this year I’m semi-glad (reasons later) to be back for their festive lunch (because dinner is just too expensive).

It’s my partner’s first time here and after an introductory walk around the place he was mind blown by the sheer variety of food available.

Cold cuts.

Very disappointed at this station. The prawns were not as plump as I recalled them to be, and the crabs were disappointing – its meat did not come off as one piece when the shell was cracked open. This usually happens when the crabs are not fresh. The biggest disappointment for me was the fact that there were no oysters for such an expansive meal.

Sushi counter. No picture because… it was empty by the time I got there. Sashimi? There were only salmon, tuna and octopus sashimi. Erm, yellowtail? Sword fish? These are pretty common sashimi that any reputable hotel buffet would have. So shame on you, Edge Pan Pacific.

Roasted duck and chicken.

Noodle station. They can actually run out of laksa soup and the replenish took some time.

Steamed fish in teochew style, braised broccoli and salted egg chicken.

Sambal quail eggs and chap chye.

Pasta station.

Ayam panggang.

Cooked food was way better. You must try their roasted duck and salted egg chicken. A tip for the salted egg chicken: get yours when a new batch is replenished. The chicken is crispier and juicier that way. The ayam panggang, which nice smelling, was super dry and hard.

Seafood chowder and Cream of mushroom.

The cream of mushroom was too finely blended. No bits of mushroom at all, rendering the texture to be really flat. I liked how they had charcoal bread though.

Typical roast turkey and honey glazed ham.

Both tasted delicious, but the cranberry sauce for the ham went dry within the first hour, and no replenish was made.

Roasted lamb leg.

Edge’s buffet is well known for their extensive desserts, and true enough, the variety was impressive. Pro tip: grab your desserts as early in the meal as possible. They run out quickly, and either take too long to replenish, or another dessert is served.

The cake selection was leaning more towards Christmas themed, so you’ll get the usual fruit cakes and whatnot. By the time I went for the desserts, the bread pudding dish was left with just remnants of the crumbs. I returned later to find that they had cleared the dish, never to replenish nor replace it. All this with about half an hour more to go? Not acceptable.

If you see the mixed fruit salsa in orange maple syrup (to the left of the picture), skip it!! This dessert does not taste as good as it sounds.

Here are my must tries for the buffet:

  • Herbal chicken soup
  • Sambal quail
  • Roasted duck
  • Salted egg chicken
  • Yuzu sorbet
  • Mango Sorbet
  • Chocolate mint ice cream
  • Durian pengat
  • Chendol log cake

Overall, I like how they incorporated the festive elements in both the decorations and dishes which were a feast for both the eyes and tummy. My only qualms were the poor variety and quality of the cold cut station as well as the slow replenish rate of many of the dishes. To top it off, I do feel that for a meal worth $80, the lack of oysters is unjustifiable.

Pan Pacific Singapore

Level 3, 7 Raffles Boulevard, S(039595)

+65 6826 8240


Mondays to Saturdays: 12noon to 230pm

Sunday’s champagne brunch: 12noon to 4pm


Daily: 630pm to 1030pm

Website here

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