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8 Korean BBQ, Clarke Quay Central


It does seem unlikely that a Korean BBQ place will do well in Clarke Quay Central (ask anyone to recommend a place for Korean BBQ and they’ll all point you to Tanjong Pagar), but 8 Korean BBQ has really done itself proud. This place takes their pork belly very, very seriously. I’ve been to many Korean BBQ places, but 8 Korean BBQ takes the top spot specifically for for BBQ pork.

Apparently, they use Mangalitza hog, which fat melts at a lower temperature than regular pork fat, and is still tender and juicy even after cooking.

For dinner, there are 3 set menus to choose from:

1. 8 Colours Set – 8 flavours of pork belly, $98.

2. Flower Pork Set – Pork Belly, pork neck, pork jowl, $68.

3. 4 Colours Set – 4 flavours of pork belly, $58.

The flavours for the pork belly include wine, original, garlic, herb, curry, miso, kalbi and red pepper paste. You can choose 2 flavours for the Flower Pork set. All set comes with side dishes and a stew.

The hot plate is tilted at an angle which allows the oil to flow into a hole embedded in the table. Talk about well designed tables.

Kimchi Stew with Pork.

Their kimchi stew has the right level of spiciness packed with chunks of cabbage and a generous helping of pork. An army stew version is available for a top up fee of $6.

The pork belly comes rolled up. Look at how thick they are! I picked garlic and kalbi marinate. Their meats are well marinated with the right amount of fats in each strip.

Their staff will help you BBQ the meat (yay!!). They will also place some kimchi, beansprouts, onion and mushroom on one side of the hot plate. These go well with the meat wrapped vegetables. Also, the meat and stew portion is enough for 3 to 4 pax.

They are super thoughtful you know! While waiting for the meat to be cooked, they will place a piece of paper so that the oil won’t splatter onto you.

The pork neck took longer to cook than the belly and jowl, so they told us to start eating the rest of the meat first. What surprised me was that they meticulously monitored and checked multiple times to see the pork neck was done.

I really enjoyed my dinner at 8 Korean BBQ at Clarke Quay. People who know me will know that I’m no big fan of pork (beef lover here!) so for me to give praises, this place must be really good.

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