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Little Bastard, King George’s Avenue


Little Bastard is really a place which could do with some help from word out mouth recommendations. It’s almost unnoticeable, but yet at the same time it is exactly why it feel so exclusive.

The only way in is via the back of The Refinery (which has really good beef bowls by the way). Enter the cold metal door which reads “115”, head up the flight of stairs till you see this:

And yet, still nothing will signal that you have reached Little Bastard. Turn left and you’ll face this:

Yup, you’ve successfully found Little Bastard. And yup, still no signs that it’s the correct place. I opened the door not knowing what to expect and even after opening it I hesitated before stepping in, because:

This was the view. Any hint of Little Bastard is written on the bright little box by the left side.

So anyway I took my seat at one of the mahjong tables (go on, open those drawers!!) and ordered my meal. I thought the menu was quite interesting! You’ll see two or more very distinct cuisines coming together, a metaphoric portrayal of being a bastard. Well played!

One Night in Tom Yum, $20.

This is a very refreshing cold dish. The tom yam consommé had all the right perk-me-up flavours, the Japanese innaniwa udon was easy to slurp and the crab meat made the whole dish a whole lot sweeter.

Duroc Pork LuRouFan, $18.

In case you’re wondering, Duroc is another breed of the pig family, like how Kurobuta is. Appearance wise, Duroc is a red pig with drooping ears. Taste wise, I don’t know if it’s the pork, or the way they did it, but the braised meat was really delicious. It goes well with the fried shallots and quail egg. Comfort food anyone? The only disappointment was the rice patty, it would have been all right if they had left the rice steamed as it is, rather than compressing and searing it.

Apart from interesting mains, Little Bastard has a wide variety of alcoholic drinks. There’s your normal whisky and wines, but what’s even more eye catching are the concoctions that they come up with. In particular, Cheng Teng Gao and Not Your Average Cendol are cocktails I would want to try the next time I’m there.

115 King George’s Avenue, S(208561)

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Tuesdays to Saturdays: 6pm to 12midnight.

+65 8459 9893

Website here

Facebook here

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