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Leong Kee (Klang) Bak Kut Teh, Geylang Lorong 11


Hands down, this is the best herbal style Bak Kut Teh (BKT) in Singapore. Located in Geylang, Leong Kee Klang BKT has a humble outlook and you may be tempted to give this a miss but TRUST ME! This is worth every calorie. 

Few words about getting to this place first. Parking is hard to find (as with everywhere else in Geylang) and you might end up circling a couple of rounds before getting a lot. Try not to illegally park along the roadside because there are security cameras and the LTA officer does his rounds regularly. 

After the parking ordeal, you’ll realise that getting a table is not easy. They have limited seating area even though they have tables in front of their stall, at the alley by the side, and an air conditioned area round the corner. It’s chaotic. Nobody will help you find a table so you’re on your own. Once you’ve settled down, you have to place your order and make payment at the stall itself. A number tag would be given, then you can proceed back to your table and wait for your food to arrive.

Dry BKT.

This dish is my favourite. It’s intensely flavourful and the chilli gives a shiok kick to the meat. It also comes with cuttlefish which some might feel makes the dish too salty but for me this doubles up as a snack. I would purposely leave a few strands till the end of the meal just to leave this place with a satisfied tummy.

Soup BKT.

The soup version is complementary to the dry version. I like to eat the beancurd skin with a spoonful of rice because that’s where you’ll get all the flavours of the BKT soup in one spoonful. While the dry version delivers a spicy kick, the soup version goes really well with rice. For both the dry and soup versions, the meat falls off the bones easily. 

Pig trotters.

You can request for lean trotters. The healthier part means that your pig trotters would be firm yet soft, with the meat stringy for added texture. You won’t be eating a mishmash of fats and meat.

Pig kidneys.

I seldom order pig kidneys at BKT stalls because kidneys, if not done right, will have that yucky porky small. Leong Kee (Klang) BKT’s pig kidneys are quite good!

Mee Sua.

You must try their mee sua! It’s not your usual nua-nua mee sua type. It has a chewy consistency, similar to ramen, so it’s really quite refreshing. When I went at 730pm on a Saturday night, I was limited to just one bowl because they “won’t have enough to sell”. Wowee. 

Leong Kee (Klang) BKT is my go to food on a monthly basis. Best eaten during a rainy day, the price is reasonable (less than $50 for the amount above), and the satisfaction from eating it is immense. 

251 Geylang Lorong 11, S(389309)

Daily: 11am to 130am

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