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Kok Sen Restaurant, Keong Saik Road


Kok Sen Restaurant is one of the few old school zichar left. Their shophouse at Keong Saik Road is unpretentious and laid back, a sharp contract to the surrounding modern developments. Upon walking in, you’ll notice that their signature dishes are printed on bright orange slips and pasted on the walls. If that’s too hard or you to read however, they have printed menus with pictures to help you decide. 

I visited on a Saturday night and was super thankful that I made reservations. The queue for walk in, at 730pm, was long! I will advise you to do some research and have a rough sense of what dishes you wish to order before visiting. Before I even sat down, the lady hurried me to make my order. And even with this quick ordering, my food took 45 minutes to arrive. So hungry!! 

Big Prawn Hor Fun.

This dish is a must order. The hor fun is not your ordinary hawker centre hor fun. The prawns were big, fresh and succulent. The gravy tasted a little like a less spicy version of chilli crab sauce. The wok hei of the hor fun was also done to perfection. Superb. 

Homemade Tofu with Minced Meat.

This dish was a little too salty for my guests, but it’s because of the generous Cai Po they have in the minced meat gravy. I liked the crunch that the Cai Po had, so I’m not complaining. 

Pai Gu Wang.

Unfortunately, Kok Sen Restaurant doesn’t have special meat dishes. They have the usual sweet and sour pork, black pepper beef, none of which caught our attention.

Fish Slices Stir Fried with Spring Onion.

Kok Sen actually has very interesting fish dishes like Curry Fish Tail but we were too lazy and wanted something easy to eat. So we requested for fish slices with spring onion, something that wasn’t on their menu but common enough to make. It was okay, nothing out of the ordinary.

Poached Spinach with Assorted Egg

I was disappointed with this dish. The spinach to assorted egg ratio was terrible. The serving of spinach was huge, but the egg was insufficient to go around my table of six. 😦 

Overall, because of the big prawn hor fun, I do feel that Kok Sen is worth going. If you’re thinking of visiting however, try not to do so if you’re celebrating someone’s birthday or a special occasion. The long wait and poor service would definitely piss people off. I am not kidding. 

30 Keong Saik Road, S(089137)

+65 6223 2005

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