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Panko Restaurant & Bar, Arab Street


Have you ever tried Kushikatsu? Basically, Kushikatsu is skewers of meat or vegetables coated in breaded batter and deep fried. The first time I ate Kushikatsu was in Osaka. I was famished from all the shopping, so I popped by the next available food store, not knowing what I was going to eat. Turns out I would be introduced to an entirely new way of eating skewers. 

I was mind blown. Deep fried food never tasted so refined. I could eat that all day long! No kidding. Fast forward back to Singapore, I tried to find restaurants that specialise in Kushikatsu, but strange, it’s actually really rare in Singapore. 

Then I found Panko, a Kushikatsu bar along Arab Street.

It looks a little daunting to step in, but once you’re inside, it’s a different story.

It’s cosy, warm, and comfortable. 

The table is set up with a tray on which they’ll lay your Kushikatsu skewers. You have a choice of 4 dippings – ponzu, lemon juice, salt and a special salty sauce which tastes like tonkatsu sauce. Once seated, you would be given a cold, wet towel. My partner immediately asked if the meal was going to be expensive. Haha.

The Kushikatsus are fried upon order and sered once they’re ready. Panko goes a step further and advises you on which sauce pairing is the best. In cases where dipping is not needed because the items have their own toppings, the staff would advise you accordingly. Once you’re done, drop your sticks into the little cup provided.

Unagi with Kinome, $5.

Pork Belly with Whole Grain Mustard, $3 and Asparagus with Garlic Mayo, $6.

Wagyu with Oroshi Ponzu Ichimi, $6.

Salmon with Ikura, $6.

Hokkaido Scallop with Nori Dashi Foam, $6.

Shiitake with Chicken Truffle Miso, $8.

Look at the big juicy mushroom!

I like how they split a single skewer to resemble a fork. Keeps the Kushikatsu stable.

The best dish out of all that I tried was the Shiitake with Chicken Truffle Miso. The sweet miso with the truffle shavings paired with each other wonderfully. The weakest dish was the Wagyu with Oroshi Ponzu Ichimi. Unfortunately the wagyu wasn’t as tender as I had expected. I thought it would be those melt in your mouth kind you know?

My experience at Panko was great. The items were fried to perfection – well drained, crunchy,  and fresh. Panko has taken Kushikatsu to the next level with their premium skewers, while still keeping their prices affordable. 

33 Arab Street, S(189197)
+65 6291 3323
Closed Mondays
Tuesdays to Saturdays: 1130am to 12midnight
Sundays: 6pm to 12midnight

Website here 
Facebook here
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