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Balestier Food Market


Have never tried the food from Balestier Food Market before until one evening when I was driving home from my errands. 

The brightly lit food market reminded me of Chomp Chomp, though with a better ventilation and more personal space.

Took a quick walk around and finally decided on three dishes – prawn mee, pig’s organ soup and satay. I don’t remember the store names, but Balestier Food Market is rather small so it’s easy to find them. 

Prawn mee with pork ribs, $5.

My bar for prawn mee is very high. I regard Zion Road prawn mee and Beach Road prawn mee at East Coast to be the best prawn mee in Singapore. Verdict for this prawn mee? Yummy! Almost able to rub shoulders with the other two. 

Pig’s organ soup, $4.50.

The pig’s organ soup tasted rather ordinary. The variety was there, but the liver was a little overcooked.

Pork satay, 60cents per stick. 

This was surprising. Many places tend to grill the satay until it’s charred, dry and hard, but this satay was well grilled. Slightly charred to still give that feel, juicy on the inside and super easy to pull off from the stick. The peanut sauce was not overly watery, but I thought that it would taste better with pineapple.

There’s a couple of more dishes at Balestier Food Market that caught my eye, so I’ll be heading there again soon. 

414 Balestier Road, S(329806)

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