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Beauty in the Pot, The Centrepoint


Opened by the brains behind your colourful multi flavoured Xiao Long Bao, Paradise Group has once again expanded its fan base with Beauty in the Pot. Be warned though, that this is possibly one of the most expensive hotpot places in Singapore but it’s definitely amongst the ranks in terms of service and quality.

Sauce station.

You’ll be charged a condiment charge of $4 per head so why not make the most out of it right? Before you go on and think this is an exorbitant price, I want to let you know that Beauty in the Pot takes their sauce business seriously. 

Instructions on the board that will teach you how to make the best combination sauces. I liked their crispy garlic! 

Spoilt for choice? Not confident that you’ll be mixing correctly? Their service staff will volunteer to concoct one for you. 

(Left to right) Spicy pork broth, tomato with sweet corn, cooling coconut, collagen broth.

Beauty in the Pot allows you to choose up to four soup bases. Of course, each soup base is priced differently, and whether you choose 1/4 portion or 1/2 portion, the pricing is proportionate. 

On first sip, the cooling coconut was most mediocre but by the end of the meal, my friends were all going for the cooling coconut. They felt that the rest of the broth became too thick after boiling for so long. I personally preferred the tomato with sweet corn. 

Meat platter. Pork and beef slices with beef cubes.

An assortment of pastes. 

I liked the one with the fish roe the most. It’s chewy and the little bits of fish roe will pop in your mouth. The service staff will help to scoop these into your soup.

Dumplings, Meatball with cheese, Chinese cabbage.

Fried beancurd skin.

This was so good! Personally, Beauty in the Pot’s fried beancurd skin is the best I’ve ever tried across all other hotpot places. The trick is to dip this into the pipping hot soup for just three seconds. What you’ll get is a soft outer layer soaked with your soup and a crunchy texture in the middle.

Mushroom platter.

 Don’t forget to eat your fruits!

Yuzu crushed ice, complement of Beauty in the Pot.

I have dined multiple times at Beauty in the Pot, and each time was a great experience. The bill for 2 pax will roughly be $100-$120 because the soups are fixed quantity and price, but it’ll get cheaper as the party increases so I’d suggest going in a larger group to share the costs. Again I reiterate that this place is rather pricey, but for the quality and service, I would say it’s worth it.

Beauty in the Pot is currently running a promotion. You’ll get a 20% discount on all food orders if you order after 1030pm every night. Be sure to make your reservations in advanced though, I called at 9pm on a Saturday night to make reservations but was told that the next available table was only at 1230am.

176 Orchard Road, #05-16, S(238843)

Daily 1130am to 630am

+65 62353557

Website here

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