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The Courtyard, Fullerton Hotel


Having tried the Landing Point at Fullerton Bay Hotel, I really wanted to try the other high teas at the rest of the Fullertons to see how different or similar they were. Finally got down to trying The Courtyard at Fullerton Hotel.

Your senses are immediately heightened by the sight of a sun warmed high ceiling plus live harp performance. Immediately you feel like you’ve entered the high society life, and you’re happy about it even if it’s just for that two hours.

You get a three tier set, two tea or coffee flavours, and of course warm and fluffy scones. 

Food wise, it’s largely similar to the Landing Point, so I wasn’t particularly wowed when the tiers were served. My favourite was the creme brulee. The caramelised sugar layer on top was super sinful (read: thick layer) which balanced really well with the custard. 

My next favourite was the cheese on a biscuit (second tier, left hand corner). I’m not a fan of cheeses, but this one had a sweet layer of jelly (not sure what’s that) which was just so yummy! 

My third yummy was the otah with bread topped with quail egg. You know how otahs at such posh places usually taste weird because they have to cater to non chilli eating guests? The otah here at The Courtyard was excellent! Right amount of spice shiokness.

The staff would walk around 30 minutes into the meal to top up your favourites. I had six of the cheese biscuit thing haha. 

Tip #1: Come early. Although they only start dishing out the tiers at 3pm, I think they try to do it in order of guest arrival. One family next to my table had to wait pretty long till they got impatient. 

Tip #2: Ask for the macaroons. They don’t volunteer the sweet treats as much as they volunteer the bread items. I presume it’s because the sweet treats are more expensive. When they do walk around with the tray of sweets, the macaroons are conspicuously absent. 

Tip #3: Try to take the public transport, or do your homework and find out the parking rates of nearby places beforehand. Parking charges at the Fullerton is crazy. $1.07 per 10 minutes, which means $6.42 for an hour. Staying for a leisure two hour high tea will set you back by about $13 bucks. 

1 Fullerton Square, S(049178)

Afternoon Tea at $43++

Monday to Friday: 3pm to 6pm

Weekends: 2pm to 4pm (1st seating)

430pm to 6pm (2nd seating)

Website here

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