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Rise Buffet, Marina Bay Sands


This post is going to be a picture spam. Rise buffet at Marina Bay Sands Tower 1 is well stocked with full stations that makes your buck worth every penny. It’s a feast for both your eyes and taste buds.

Freshly shucked oysters. The oysters were big and juicy. While it was a feast for the eyes, the oysters lacked the sweet tinge of seawater. A pity, but compensated for by the size.

Prawns were really fresh!

Sashimi counter. Bellies in my belly.

Noodle station (laksa and prawn mee) plus cooked food at the far end. The laksa lacked the oomph. Prawn mee was good. Cooked food was unremarkable.

Roast meat station. They only had roast chicken. The meat was a little dry, but overall not bad.

Loved their pasta with homemade meatballs. Homemade meatballs, as easy as it sounds, can definitely go wrong. I’m glad Rise did it well. The sauce however, had a burnt texture. I think it’s because of the constant heating throughout the night. I should have taken a picture of the end product. The pasta was served in a very nice plate. Definitely feels atas.

Do not miss the bread counter. There’s more bread at the back!

I don’t normally go for the chocolate fountain at buffets, but this, is pure fun. Cleaning this monster should be an enormous task though. 🤔

Desserts! Their creme caramel was not too bad. Do try their lemon tart with meringue.

Bread pudding and ice cream. Try their bread pudding. I also had passionfruit banana sorbet, which was too sour for my liking. Would have tried the rest of the ice creams (they also had apricot sorbet) but I was a goner by then. If only I had a third stomach for desserts.

Cotton Candy! Tell me this buffet isn’t winning.

What I liked about Rise is that they have the luxury of space and creativity to play around with their flavours and sauces. Apparently their dinner buffets are themed and for Wednesdays it was supposed to be American theme. Don’t think they made a big deal about it because all the food there were pretty expected international buffet food, except maybe for the buttermilk fried chicken which was sitting at one corner.

Every now and then they run credit card promotions, so do call and enquire about the deals. For me, I applied to be a Sands rewards member on the spot (free membership) and they gave me a 30% discount for the table. Bill came out to be about $60 per pax. Really worth it.

10 Bayfront Avenue, S(018956)

+65 66885525

Daily lunch buffet: 12pm to 230pm

$52 per adult, $24 per child

Daily dinner buffet: 6pm to 1030pm

$72 per adult, $38 per child

Website here

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