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Tsuta Singapore, Pacific Plaza

Go when there’s a slight queue.

Am not sure a 1.5 hour wait is worth it for Tsuta, a one Michelin star ramen. I was there on a rainy Saturday night at 8pm and still the queue was snaking! The wet conditions outside really made me yearn for the hot bowl of ramen that everyone was talking about, but alas! When I finally reached the entrance, there was more queuing to be done inside (as above). Bummed.

Counter where you key in your orders and pay, McDonalds style. It’s a very Jap thing to do and quite prevalent in Japan – Minimise awkward conversations while automating the whole process.

One chef to set the noodles, one to lay out the sliced char siew pieces, one to put the garnishes. 

Truffle Shoyu Ramen ($16.80 with egg). Comes with one slice of char siew. The bigger portion comes with four slices and cost $22.80 with egg. I heard that the Shoyu version is stronger tasting than the Shio version.

I think truffle instantly makes anything taste awesome. Fries, pizza, edamame, ramen. So the soup was delicious. I slurped a huge portion which I don’t normally do. I also liked that their bamboo shoots weren’t the typical factory cut short pieces. It was one long piece for Tsuta. Could have been less stingy and given more than one though. Char Siew was quite soft and had a nice texture to it. Noodles were pretty normal.

Great job for the flavoured egg. Even if you don’t fancy ramen eggs, go for this.

Tsuta is one of the better Shoyu ramens in Singapore, but I wouldn’t go when the queue is more than 30 minutes. Also, if you’re not a truffle lover, skip this place completely. They only have two versions of ramen, and both come with truffle.

9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, #01-01, S(228210)

Daily 11am to 10pm

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