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Kam’s Roast, Pacific Plaza


No goose at this Michelin One Star in Singapore? No fret. Duck’s just as good. How does this compare with London Fat Duck? Way better in my opinion! Despite having the shiny title of a One Star, Kam’s Roast is very much affordably priced. The friendly staff will advice you on how much portion would be sufficient for you and your guests, and stop you from ordering too much. Taste wise, it’s well seasoned and tender. Not overly dry like most of the ducks you eat out there. 

We also tried their chicken which surprise, surprise, went beyond my expectations. No one person in my family usually eats chicken breast meat but for this, everyone fought till the very last piece.

Char Siew and Shao Rou. At Kam’s Roast, you get to choose between their signature char siew, which is about half meat and half fats, or the normal type char siew. Of course we chose the signature. I liked the melt in your mouth texture but for the health conscious, this would not be their favourite. If you’re thinking of ordering the normal lean meat char siew, my advice is you can also eat it elsewhere so save your money here. Shou Rou on the other hand was the most ordinary tasting meat amongst the three. Nothing mouth watering to mention.

For your carbs, choose the noodles!!! More expensive than rice, but it’s not your usual blanced in hot water noodle then add a little soya sauce noodle. I can’t pin point why it’s so tasty, maybe because it’s complemented with ginger and spring onions? I strongly urge you to get it!

9 Scotts Road, #01-04 to 07, S(228210)

Monday to Fridays 11am to 10pm 

Saturday, Sunday, PH 10am to 10pm 
+65 6836 7788

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