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126 Wan Dou Sek Dim Sum, Serangoon Road

Worth a try.

Just for its sheer variety.

Featuring the Cheong Fun first because I think it’s the best dish of the meal, and because you don’t get this elsewhere. So if there’s just one thing your tummy has space for. Get this.

Har Gao and Siew Mai. Must orders at any dim sum shop. Tasted ordinary, but I’m glad the siew mai didn’t come off as being too strong in the gee taste.

Mini Kou Rou Bao. The skin itself is very thin as you can see in the picture, but it didn’t help to enhance the oomph factor of the bun. I was quite disappointed with the lack of moisture, and the meat was rather tough. 

Char Siew Sticky Rice. Do not order this. 

Barley with  winter melon. There are chunks of winter melon in this drink so I thought it was really worth it. Do try out their other mixtures, they’ve got a couple of interesting ones. By the way, their drinks come in takeaway containers, minus the lid. An innovative idea to save on the cups perhaps.

Honestly the dim sum is mediocre. I’ll definitely come back here to try out the other dishes, but I’ll be sure not to set high expectations the next time I’m here.  

1086 Serangoon Road, S(328187)

Daily 5pm to 2am

+65 62975032

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