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Talay Kata, Orchard Central

Edit: I tried this place end May 2017 and the verdict? No. Avoid at all costs.

Original post below. Let me describe what has changed. 

1. The meat selection. I dropped by for dinner and was surprised that the meat spread had dropped in variety. No more pork jowl, and the beef chunks were so rubbery that I couldn’t chew them completely.

2. The scallops. Once big and juicy, it’s now miserably tiny and doesn’t look fresh. 

3. The prawns. It was really fresh in the past. This time round it was powdery, and some even disintegrated while peeling.

4. The sauces. Looking at the pictures below, I realised there were 5 sauces in the past. Only three sauces left now. They got rid of the peanut sauce and the black sauce.

5. DIY papaya salad counter. This was more if a hygiene issue for me. The papaya slices and condiments were swamped with flies. Swamped. I should have taken a video. YUCKS.

6. Chicken broth. It was tasteless.

7. Dessert counter. This was my next biggest disappointment besides the drop in variety of meat. Used to be able to do your own ice kachang. Now?

Some rice cakes which looked so unappetising that nobody touched it the entire night.

8. Lastly, the drinks dispenser. 

I am pretty sure those greenish black spots aren’t rust. Separately, actually I saw something blackish at the bottom corner of the ice box when the ice was running low. I ignored it because I didn’t want it to spoil my meal. On hindsight I should have alerted the restaurant to this.

I don’t know if they are running into debt issues, because it certainly seems like it given the cuts ain variety and quality. At this poor baseline they are running, sooner or later they would be forced to close down.


Original post:

Nested within the buffet spreads of Kiseiki and Shabusai on the 8th floor of Ochard Central, Talay Kata is a new expansion to what I call the international ring of buffets in Orchard Central. Mookata in Orchard. Fancy!

I went for lunch though, and therefore understandable if the buffet spread looked a bit short on variety. 

Meat selection includes pork belly and an assortment of other parts such as pork jowl! Pork jowl makes for really good BBQ meat. When BBQ-ed it is crisp on the inside and moist on the inside. So I was pleasantly surprised here. There’s chicken slices as well, but unfortunately no beef. 

Seafood selection really wasn’t spectacular, but the fish slices were thick and chunky.

Great assortment of processed food like sotong balls. There’s the usual lobster and cheese balls too.

Don’t forget your vegetables, which come in a metal basket like this:

Talk about authenticity!

Sauce counter! Get your usual mookata spicy fixes here.

Make your own papaya salad. I really liked this counter because I can decide what goes into my salad (like lots of peanut) and what doesn’t (like dried shrimps). I made myself 3 servings of this.

They have cooked food too so if you want a break from the non stop BBQ, have yourself a bowl of soup or some cooked vegetables. The tomyam soup could be a little more spicy though.

My mookata pot. A special mention goes to the chicken broth. It is the best broth I’ve ever tasted for a mookata! Definitely no MSG because I don’t recall myself drinking more water than usual. So if you’re ever there, do try the chicken broth. It’s super yummy.

DIY ice kachang or fruits to end off your meal. For the inner child in you, they have ice creams too! 

Free flow drinks including lemonade and hot beverages.

At a very affordable lunch pricing of $18.80++, this Thai Mookata joint in town could do a little better in terms of meat variety, but is definitely worth a visit. Now I’m just wondering what they have for dinner…

181 Orchard Road, #08-04/05, S(238896)

+65 6634 0551

Mon – Fri 11:30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm

Sat, Sun, Eve of PH & PH 11:30am to 5pm, 6pm to 10pm

Website here


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