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OPPA Chicken, South Bridge Road


Oppa Chicken is strategically located; next to the prominent Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and within walking distance from Chinatown and Telok Ayer MRT. 

The interior is small but well lit. Benches encourage a cosy gathering amongst friends or colleagues. 

But unfortunately the location nor the ambience can make up for the lack of character in their fried chicken.

Medium Honey Garlic Chicken ($22.90)

Medium Soy Garlic Chicken ($22.90)

The Soy Garlic was very disappointing. The sauce, when drizzled over the fried chicken, came out to be tasteless. The Honey Garlic was much better, so I ended up dipping the soy chicken into the honey sauce.

Overall however, the chicken pieces were fried just nice. What made me cringe was…

Their choice of chicken.

The chicken wings were barely bigger than my thumb. I swear, the chickens they used to cook this dish are younger than young spring chickens. Toddler Chicken?

Anyway, I got quite disturbed and left my partner to finish the dish on his own. We ended up leaving some pieces behind, something which we have never done for Korean fried chicken.

Want to try? I suggest you pass.

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