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Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, Keong Saik Road


The queue 10 minutes before Man Man was open for lunch at 1130am on a Tuesday!

Man Man is not easy to get to if you’re not familiar with the Outram/ Chinatown district. Do study your route the night before (okay la, morning study also can. I was just too excited.) so you won’t get lost and end up not making the first batch because Man Man requires all guests to arrive before they will seat you. The seating capacity is small (30 odd?), don’t say I never warn you.

Live eels in da house!

Sitting by the counter gets you full view of unagi happiness. The well fed eels are grilled over charcoal! 

Egg Unagi (can’t remember the price).

Fluffy egg roll! I really liked the soft and light texture of the egg, but I think they precooked a lot of these beforehand so by the time it was served, it wasn’t piping hot anymore. 😦 The unagi embedded within wasn’t outstanding as well. You may want to skip this dish.

Hitsumabushi Set (S$26.80)

Best. Unagi. Ever. The closest in taste I got to this unagi were the ones I ate at an unagi specialty store in Japan. It’s not your usual dull and flat tasting eel. The meat is chunky, the skin is slightly charred, and the sauce not too overwhelming (you must eat it with the white rice, which in itself isn’t soaked with the sauce). Mm smokey. This is real unagi for you.

For this particular set, you get to eat your unagi 4 ways. Plain, with seaweed and spring onions, with freshly grated wasabi, or with the soup stock that they provided (forgot to snap a picture, bugger. The soup is in the little black pot at the top left hand corner of the tray).

They also do provide a range of unagi sauces – sweet, normal, spicy as well as Japanese pepper so do play around as much as you like.

Just as we were about to leave we got to catch the staff in action! The eels are so active they kept squirming out of the wooden bucket just like the one you see over there.

Definitely a must go. I don’t think I’ve eaten a better unagi in Singapore.

Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant 

1 Keong Saik Road #01-01, S089109 

Mon to Sat, PH: 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10.30pm 

Sun: Closed 

+65 6222 0678

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