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Fat Cow, Camden Medical Centre


I know, the location sounds weird. Juicy, A5 Wagyu steak in a medical centre?! Yup, medical centre, no less. Just don’t let that get to you, the insides are intimately designed for that atas feeling as you would expect of a posh Japanese steak restaurant.

Dimly lit partitioned rooms that hold about 8 pax at one seating.

A5 Wagyu Steak, half cut 150g ($148)

Melt in your mouth beef! On first glance it may look too little for one pax, but trust me, the portion is just about right. Because the fat content is super high (and as warned by the staff on duty), you definitely don’t want to be stuffig yourself silly on this. 

A3 Tenderloin Steak, full cut 220g ($178)

My partner went for quantity. After trying the A3, we both felt that the A5 was way better (of course right). Perhaps we should have both gotten A4, but we wanted variety.

If eating top grade beef is your thing, be sure to visit Fat Cow. I haven’t been there for lunch but I heard that their set lunches are very affordable! 

At the end of he meal, my A5 did make me feel a little oily on the inside, so I will most certainly order A4 the next time I’m there. 

1 Orchard Blvd #01-01/02, Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649


Monday to Sunday: 12PM to 3PM


Monday to Sunday: 6PM to 11PM

+65 6735 0308

Website: Fat Cow SG

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