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[CLOSED] Ginza Kuroson, Takashimaya Shopping Centre


At a little corner on level 3 Takashimaya Shopping Centre sits this hidden gem, Kinza Kuroson. The exterior looks very grand and posh, and can be rather intimidating for first timers. I would find out later on that the mains of this place are actually really affordable and yet still of high quality!

Counter seats.

There’s three kinds of seating arrangements at the Takashimaya branch.

Private room

The private room seats 6 to 10 pax, but there’s a minimum spending of $300.

Counter seat

This is where the seasonal fishes, vegetables and fruits are displayed. Here, you can watch as the chefs perform their magic from the preparation to the serving of food.

Table seat

I took the table seat. The table seats are well spaced apart and big enough for all the food that you would be ordering.

You can get dinner sets as low as mid $20. My party of 6 did not even hit $300 and we were all beaming with fullness and happiness at the end of our dinner. The menu here is rather different from the Robertson Quay branch. While you can find the menu of the Robertson Quay branch on their website, they have yet to put up the menu for the Takashimaya branch. No fret though, there’s surely something for everyone at the Takashimaya branch.

Appetisers for every set menu ordered. 

The salad on the right has a very mild dressing. Not too overwhelming or overpowering, just enough to whet your appetite for what’s to come. The tofu on the left is super nice! The jelly looking thing is actually made from sesame, and the tofu is not as soft as you would expect. Some people might not be used to eating semi hard tofu, but I liked it!

A5 Wagyu steak set ($68). 

The most expensive set of the night, but worth every dollar and cent. True to the texture of A5, the beef slices melts in your mouth. I just noticed in the picture that the beef slices are glistening with richness! As an aside, a smaller tray would have looked better for this set.

Udon and chirashi set ($39).

The chirashi-don was bigger than we expected! Look at the amount of ikura! Given the variety of this set, we had expected the udon and chirashi-don to come in halves. Sweet!

Sushi and udon set ($43).

Grilled pork short ribs set ($$33).

The one is worth eating. The meat was tender and juicy. Best eaten with the slightly sautéed onions provided. Yum yum.

Salmon sashimi ($15).

All sets come with a dessert. The above is coffee mousse.

I don’t take coffee, so I asked if there were alternatives and I was given chocolate mousse instead. Sad to say, I was disappointed with their dessert. It’s as though they had expended all their resources on the main course, leaving minimal effort for their dessert. A real pity.

I forgot to take a picture but one of my guests had ala carte Salmon Teriyaki with white rice ($17 for the salmon, $3 for the white rice). The portion was really huge and the salmon was nicely cooked, pan seared to give that light crisp on the outside and pinkish on the inside. If you’re okay with not having the appetisers, sides and dessert (which I think you won’t lose much by forgoing them) you should seriously consider going for the ala carte menu.

Address: 290 Orchard Rd Takashimaya Shopping Centre #03-10 Singapore 238859

Hours: Lunch 11am to 3:30pm, Dinner 6pm to 11pm

Phone: 6235 3785


**The menu on the official website is the menu of Robertson Quay.

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