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Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant, Purvis Street

Worth a try.


Purvis Street is know for its stretch of shophouses where there’s surely something palatable for everyone. Joining the ranks is Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant, unanimous for “best pancakes in New York” (which was why my boy brought me there; I have a soft spot for pancakes). Despite it being 930am on a lovely Saturday morning, I was able to get a table easily. 


The place has enough space for large crowds if you are thinking of going with a couple of buddies, or intimate corners where you and your partner can have some quiet coffee time. The floor to ceiling doors and windows allow maximum light to pass through, and, coupled with broadway music playing softly in the backdrop, you can immediately feel the American atmosphere as soon as you step through. Not much credits to the staff though, they looked like they were not having a good day, which was a real downer to the whole meal.


Banana and walnut pancakes with warm maple butter ($18) Check out their American diner style plate!

The servings here are huge. Do not be fooled by the looks of the somewhat miserable topping. There are bananas and walnuts in the thick fluffy pancakes! Drizzle the warm maple butter and this simple dish can really make your morning. Word of caution though, it can get pretty heavy as you reach your stomach’s capacity. It was too much for myself to finish, so I had to take the rest back home for my lunch. 

Omelette stuffed with cheddar and mushrooms with sour dough toast and hash brown for sides ($18)

Disappointingly, the best part of the dish was the hash brown. The hash brown was crispy on the outside and flavourful on the inside. It was the only part of the dish that we finished with satisfaction and wanted more. The omelette on the other hand tasted overcooked. It was not as light as I would have preferred it to be, but the stuffings were definitely generous. The mushroom was nicely seasoned. 

Grapefruit juice ($7)

I originally wanted orange juice but it wasn’t available so I settled for grapefruit instead. Rather pricy for such a small cup but because it’s fresh, it’s packed with loads of vitamin goodness so I’m not complaining. Grapefruits are by nature sour so don’t expect this drink to be sweet since it isn’t processed. 

I’ll be back to try some of their other stuff that’s available only after breakfast hours but as for having the pancakes again… I’ll pass.

Address: 31 Purvis St, 188608

Hours: All day, 8am to 10pm

Phone: 6684 4845


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